Tiem Slipstream cycling shoes review

One super-comfortable pair of cycling shoes — but they only work with SPD cleats

Tiem Slipstream cycling shoes review
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Tom's Guide Verdict

The Tiem Slipstreams are a comfortable and fashionable pair of cycling shoes, but are only compatible with SPD cleats.


  • +

    Shoes have a lot of mesh for breathability

  • +

    Many colors to choose from

  • +

    Very comfortable

  • +

    Comes with an instruction guide


  • -

    Only compatible with SPD cleats

  • -

    Does not come with SPD cleats

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The Tiem Slipstream cycling shoes are a pricey yet comfortable and stylish pair of cycling shoes whose main drawback is that they are not compatible with the Peloton bike or any exercise bike with Delta cleat pedals. 

Despite only being compatible with SPD cleats, they are one of the best indoor cycling shoes I've tested. This is because these shoes are breathable, comfortable, lightweight, and functional. I found myself wearing these around the house after my rides at times.

Tiem Slipstream shoes review: Price and availability

The Tiem Slipstream shoes can be purchased on Amazon and on the company’s website. They retail for $130, making them one of the higher priced shoes we’ve tested — not to mention the fact that you have to purchase the cleats separately. However, the shoes do come in a wide variety of colors.

Tiem Slipstream shoes review: What’s included

Even though they did not come with cleats, I liked that instructions for installing the cleats were included in the box with the shoes. The instructions also gave tips on how to take care of your shoes so they last a long time. 

As mentioned, these shoes are only compatible with the SPD cleats. In addition to buying the cleats, you’ll also need a small screwdriver or an Allen key if you do not have one already. 

Tiem Slipstream shoes review: Comfort

I tested the Tiem Slipstream cycling shoes with SPD cleats for more than two months and enjoyed wearing them the entire time. While I typically wear a size 9 for my running shoes, I opted for a women’s size 8 since the company recommended a size down. They fit a bit narrow but had sufficient room in the toes. 

The Tiems look more like a running shoe than they do a cycling shoe. A hook on the back of the shoe for your finger makes it easy to slip your foot in — a necessity as these are slip-on cycling shoes.

There is a single strap closure to tighten the shoes, I learned that when wearing them after a few times, they did mold to my feet and stretched out a tad. 

While riding, I found these shoes to be breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. Because the cleats fit within the bottom of the shoe, it’s a lot easier to walk around in the Tiems than it is with other cycling shoes. And, I didn’t have to worry as much about scratching the floor. 

Tiem Slipstream cycling shoes review

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As mentioned, the Tiems are only compatible with SPD cleats, so if you have a Peloton bike, you’ll have to switch out its Delta pedals. I was able to find a pair for $99; it was a cinch to install them on my Peloton. 

Tiem Slipstream shoes review: Verdict

After testing out the Tiem Slipstream shoes, I find them to be one of the best indoor cycling shoes I've reviewed. While they only work with SPD cleats, they are stylish, functional, comfortable, breathable, and lightweight. I can see myself wearing these shoes for the next few years.

Among the indoor cycling shoes I’ve tested, I prefer the Shimano RC1, which are not only compatible with the Peloton bike at the time of purchase, but were lightweight, very breathable when I did long classes, and were easy to remove. For those new to cycling or who are on a budget, the $45 Vitatalpa shoes are a great choice. But when you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort — and something that doesn’t look like a cycling shoe — check out the Tiem Slipstream.