I barely use my $550 PSVR 2 — the $3,500 Apple Vision Pro will never get my money

A photo of PSVR 2 and DualSense controller
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The spatial computing era may be upon us, but when the price of entry is an eye-watering $3,500, I’d rather stay out in the cold. 

The Apple Vision Pro looks like an incredible piece of kit, no doubt. Yet when my $550 PSVR2 can barely grab my attention, the mixed reality headset has zero chance of crowbarring open my wallet. 

Based on our Apple Vison Pro hands-on time at WWDC 2023, there’s actually a lot that intrigues me about the spatial computing headset. VR dinosaurs! A super intuitive interface! Advanced eye and hand-tracking! 

The fact it also blocks out any ambient light around you via a customizable Light Seal to give you the most comfortable and immersive experience possible is another feature I admire. Compare and contrast to the primitive halo ring on PSVR 2 — which feels like strapping your cranium into a vice — and Apple once again shows why it’s the master of elegant hardware design.  

Pro blow

Apple Vision Pro vs PSVR2

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Apple’s first-gen product is clearly targeting developers and software designers over your average tech enthusiast, which at least gives clarity to that price tag. And as my colleague Henry Casey writes, if Apple ever decides to allow people to rent the Vision Pro, I’ll be at the front of the queue. Even as someone who’s no stranger to shelling out hideous amounts of cash on tech, though — my 77-inch LG C2 OLED cost me over $4,500 last year — the price of the Vision Pro still turns my stomach. 

Considering you could buy six PSVR 2 headsets and still have 20 bucks left over to treat yourself to a couple of beers, the prospect of me buying the Vision Pro is a complete non-starter. This is coming from someone who barely uses the lone PSVR 2 he owns, too. 

The fact my PSVR 2 has seen less use than a decade-old Nintendo 3DS I bought off eBay back in January is pretty embarrassing, but it’s not the headset’s fault. 

Sony’s VR gizmo fixed every issue I had with the original PSVR. It cut down on cables, it got a big resolution bump and it even supports HDR. It’s lightyears ahead of the cumbersome OG headset Sony launched in 2016.

The only reason I ever want to use a VR headset is to play games. That doesn’t seem to be a priority for Apple with the Vision Pro. Even if it was, it’s unlikely the Pro would give me gaming experiences to match the incredible Gran Turismo 7 in VR. Nor do I expect Apple will ever shiver my spine quite like playing Resident Evil Village on the PSVR 2. Yet despite these memorable trysts with Sony’s headset, it’s still the most underused piece of tech I own.

Blame game

A shot of a PSVR 2 gathering dust

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And I fully blame Bear for that. My 15-month-old husky basically reduces the window I have to play with a VR headset to a couple of hours I get to myself after I put him to bed at 10 p.m. every night. Turns out, excitable pups and vision-blocking headsets aren’t the best bedfellows. Who’d have thunk it? 

If I don’t trust my dog not to wreck my apartment and/or $550 PSVR2, there’s no way I’m wearing a $3,500 headset around my pooch. 

PSVR 2 and Dave's dog Bear

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I may love the idea of the Apple Vision Pro’s twin 4K displays, but my doggo has killed any chance of my eyeballs being aroused by them. 

Come to think of it, my tattered bank balance should probably be thanking Bear for obliterating my Vision Pro fantasies before they fully form. Good dog! 

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  • Reactive Light
    I barely use my tricycle. Lexus will never get my money.
  • 6sicks6
    The only truly innovative apple product besides the apple 1 was the ipod. Apple has always been overpriced trash. OSX sucks and iphones are technologically 2 generations behind everyone else. Their marketing department deserves an award for somehow making people think their products deserve the astronomical prices they charge. The HMD might be nice, but only sheep and youtubers will spend that much on one "because it's apple."
  • Crd105
    Reactive Light said:
    I barely use my tricycle. Lexus will never get my money.
    the distance ratio of tricycle to car is 1000x larger than the productivity boost of head mounted display to desktop computer. This will be a niche product.