Xbox Series X to get a seriously useful controller upgrade

a close-up image of the Xbox Series X controller
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The latest Xbox Series X update will bring a small but very useful controller upgrade to the next-gen console: the ability to remap the Share button. 

The share button, the small oval-shaped button located between the d-pad and left thumbstick, is currently exclusively dedicated to capturing screenshots and video clips. While it's useful to have that functionality at the touch of a button, not all Xbox gamers are interested in sharing footage or screenshots.

Right now, the ability to change the functionality of the Share button is currently being tested by Xbox Alpha Insiders. Console owners in the preview program can now remap the button to perform all sorts of activities including viewing achievements, opening up the voice-chat tab and controlling media playback.

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If you’re in the Xbox Alpha Insider program, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest controller firmware in order to get access to this new remapping feature. Once your controller is updated the option to remap the share button should appear in the Xbox Accessories app.

Insiders can also select different functions on a single quick press or a longer hold of the Share button. You can even set the button to perform different actions for each individual player profile on your console. 

After this feature has been thoroughly vetted by the Xbox Insider community, it will be fully rolled out to all Xbox Series X owners. The exact date it will be available to all is unknown, but it’s likely to be at least a few weeks before non-Insiders get access. 

Meanwhile, if you don’t currently own an Xbox Series X to test this feature on, make sure to check out our Xbox Series X restock hub. We’re currently enduring another next-gen console stock drought, but we’re hoping to see that change in the near future. Our comprehensive hub will keep you updated with the latest restock news as we get it. 

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