Xbox Series X restock issues will likely continue through June

Xbox Series X console
(Image credit: Phil Barker/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

If you still find yourself without an Xbox Series X, you might be waiting a while longer to get your hands on the console. Microsoft has confirmed that the restocking issues that come in tandem with the company's latest system will remain present for the foreseeable future.

Specifically, Microsoft's chief financial officer Amy Hood spoke out about difficulties with restocking the system during the company's third quarter earnings call this week. And from the sound of it, there will continue to be an overall shortage of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S through at least June.

This echoes what a Microsoft executive  predicted in February 2021 during an interview with VGC, noting that "significant demand" for both consoles would continue to be "constrained by supply.”

This is a direct result, at least in part, of chip manufacturer AMD's shortage as well. AMD is responsible for the custom hardware in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and has stated in the past that these issues would continue to happen for at lest some time going forward. 

Luckily, Microsoft is still sitting pretty when it comes to sales, with decent numbers despite low stock and difficulty for customers to procure systems. Xbox Game Pass, the subscription service that allows members to download and play a variety of titles for one flat fee per month, has been an exceptional draw for users. There are more Xbox titles set to release later this year as well that will undoubtedly catch potential buyers' eyes, such as Halo Infinite

In fact, Microsoft had amassed around 18 million subscribers around February 2021. It's likely many of these same users have been looking to upgrade their equipment.

For now, since it's going to be some time until you can snatch up an Xbox Series X to call your own, you'll have to remain vigilant. Keep an eye out for when the systems go in stock and you may just land one when you least expect it, especially if you follow our Xbox restocking updates.

Brittany Vincent

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