Want a portable OLED TV? LG Display is currently developing one

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Fans of the smaller 42- and 48-inch OLED TVs might finally have an even tinier display to keep on their kitchen counters: LG Display says that it’s developing a 20-inch OLED display that will be ready in the next 12 months.

The news of the smaller display was delivered by LG Display vice president Kang Won-seok at a forum hosted by the Korea Display Industry Association, and was verified by Korean news outlet, The Elec

The push for smaller sizes, the LG executive claimed, comes directly as a result from the pandemic where more people were stuck inside their homes and glued to their personal displays. The new 20-inch size is here to meet that rising demand. 

That said, it’s important to remember here that LG Display is only responsible for the research and development of the technology; it’s up to individual manufacturers like LG Electronics, Sony and Samsung to buy those panels for consumer electronics devices.

Bendable OLEDs, 77-inch transparent display also in the works

While the 20-inch OLED was the big news of the forum, according to The Elec, it wasn’t the only display to be featured by the Korean electronics maker. 

Other panels highlighted by LG included a bendable OLED that could go from 800R to 1000R (a measurement of curvature) with the touch of a button when you want more immersion. There was also mention of a massive 77-inch transparent OLED that the company says will be ready to debut in 2023.

The bendable OLED could be closer to development, thanks to a potential partnership with another vendor, though LG Display didn’t disclose who that partner might be or when we’d potentially see a finished product.

Currently, the largest transparent OLED display is 55 inches — like the ones we saw at The Guggenheim party earlier this year — so 77 inches is a big increase.

Chances are good that we’ll hear more about all three prototypes from the forum at CES 2023, which is slated to take place in early January of next year.

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