This is the most underrated Apple product of the year — and it’s made my life so much easier

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Apple released plenty of excellent products this year. From entirely new devices like the iPhone 15 Pro Max to new features that make existing devices even better, it’s hard to say which one I’d consider “the best.” But if you asked me which product is the most underrated, I’d say with confidence it’s double tap for Apple Watch.

As someone who reviews smartwatches for a living, the Apple Watch was already my go-to product in Apple’s portfolio. With the Apple Watch Series 9, the best smartwatch got even better with 25% faster processor and a carbon-neutral certification — a first for an Apple device. 

Now, double tap wasn’t available at the initial launch of the Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. But it arrived not too long after in watchOS 10.1, and since then, it’s become a feature I use on a daily basis. I’d go as far as to say it’s changed the scope of what a smartwatch can do. 

In case you’re unfamiliar, double tap is an Apple Watch gesture in which tapping your index finger and thumb together twice on your watch-wearing hand lets you carry out certain actions. It can let you answer or end a phone call, for example.

Unlike knowing how to control your Apple Watch with hand gestures for accessibility, double tap is meant to add convenience to some popular Apple Watch features. Not only does it add a further degree of discretion to the user experience, but it’s a life-saver when you’re hands are full. 


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At first, I thought I would only need to use the double tap gesture to address calls and text when I’m carrying bags of groceries or multiple coffees. But then I took a rowing class, and being able to double tap to launch automatic workout tracking without losing a grip on the rowing machine’s handle was highly clutch.

That said, perhaps my favorite application of double tap is how it works with the Apple Watch camera remote app. I was already a frequent camera remote user, but I’ll admit, having to tap the screen with my opposite hand to start my iPhone camera’s countdown sometimes interfered with my intended pose. For the last few months, I’ve been able to capture content remotely from my iPhone just by double tapping when I’m ready for my picture.

Why double tap *really* matters

My biggest complaint about double tap? That it can only be enjoyed by those with an Apple Watch Series 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2. I wish more people who bought an Apple Watch in recent years would be able to understand the hype right now. Regrettably, it’ll take a few years for double tap to truly catch on. (That is, of course, if you’re reading this and want to know the latest Apple Watch deals to upgrade your current watch.)

Smartwatches are the most mainstream product the wearable tech market has to offer. And while fitness tracking upgrades, greater third-party app access and new communication features are definitely important, it’s evolving the foundational ways we use our watches that moves the needle.

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  • Chuckygetslucky
    Hmmm… Double tap works just fine on my Series 7 Apple watch.
  • Dperkheezy
    Chuckygetslucky said:
    Hmmm… Double tap works just fine on my Series 7 Apple watch.

    Double tap on my Ultra Series one works fine too… this feature is available on all watches, you just have to turn it on in the accessibility settings.