The Xbox Series S controller may have just leaked — here's your first look

Xbox Series S
(Image credit: Wolfy_Wizzardo/Reddit)

A new white version of the Xbox Series X controller has allegedly leaked online — and it could be a major clue to the rumored Xbox Series S

As spotted by The Verge, a white Xbox Series X controller popped up on a now-deleted Reddit post by user Wolfy_Wizzardo. The controller looks very much like the official Xbox Series X controller Microsoft revealed last year, with a more circular d-pad and a dedicated Share button, only it's in white instead of black.

This leak seems pretty benign at first glance, as Xbox controllers have released in tons of different colors over the years. But it could add further weight to the possibility of the Xbox Series S, Microsoft's rumored lower-end next-gen system that would provide a cheaper alternative to the Series X. 

Previous concept images have imagined the Series S as a white console, and there is some official precedent to the color difference. The current entry-level Xbox One S comes in white with a white controller, while the higher-end Xbox One X is black across the board. If Microsoft keeps this dual color scheme for its next-gen systems, it's possible we're looking at the controller that will ship with the Series S.

The leaker purports to have seen the Series S, telling The Verge that the console "looked more squarish and the Xbox button looked bigger on it" compared to the Xbox Series X. The user, who allegedly saw the console at the home of a Microsoft employee, also claims to have seen the console in action, and reports that the interface is similar to that of the Xbox One. 

If the Xbox Series S is real, we may see it in just a few weeks. Eurogamer recently reported that the cheaper console could debut at a special August event, which could give Microsoft an answer to the PS5 Digital Edition that's set to launch alongside the standard PS5 this fall.

Michael Andronico

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