The stunning and weird Dell XPS 13 Plus is now on sale

Dell XPS 13 Plus Platinum
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The long-awaited Dell XPS 13 Plus is now available bringing in a new-look Windows 11 laptop for a cool $1,399 in the U.S. and £1,298 in the U.K.

The Dell XPS 13 Plus is available directly from Dell, and offers a suite of configurations. It’s processor comes in the form of a 12th Gen Intel Core i5 or Core i7, both of which sport Intel’s latest Xe graphics. The XPS 13 Plus starts with 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM and tops out at a healthy 32GB. And storage goes from 512GB of M.2 PCie Gen 4 SSD space to 2TB of storage. 

Dell XPS 13 Plus: available from Dell U.S.

Dell XPS 13 Plus: available from Dell U.S.
Starting at $1,399, the Dell XPS offers access to the latest 12th Gen Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors with integrated Xe graphics. Storage goes up to 2TB of SSD space, and memory runs from 8GB to 32GB of RAM. 

Dell XPS 13 Plus: available from Dell U.K.

Dell XPS 13 Plus: available from Dell U.K.
Starting at $1,298, the Dell XPS offers access to the latest 12th Gen Intel chips that come with integrated Xe graphics. Memory comes in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB options, and storage runs form 512GB to 2TB of SSD space. 

Dell XPS 13: A daring design

These specs might seem fairly standard for a premium XPS laptop, but the XPS 13 Plus gains its suffix due to the new design it brings in. It sports a rather minimalist aesthetic that sees the function keys dropped in favor of capacitive keys, reminiscent of the Touch Bar found on older MacBook Pro laptops.

The weirdest part is the touchpad. Rather than use a traditional trackpad, the XPS 13 Plus has a touch-sensitive area where the trackpad would usually sit; this gives the impression of the trackpad being invisible. So you'll have to use it by feel. 

In our Dell XPS 13 Plus hands-on review, we noted that the minimalist design is absolutely stunning but potentially polarizing. With support for 28W Intel processors, the laptop promises plenty of power. However, compared to the standard Dell XPS 13, the Plus model is lacking in ports, with only two USB-C connections, though they do have support for Thunderbolt 4 and DisplayPort.

So if you want a sleek laptop with the latest Intel silicon then the XPS 13 Plus could be well worth a look. We'll need to give it a full review before we can give our recommendation, but it could be a contender for our best laptop list.

Make sure you check our Dell coupons page regularly to find the latest offers.

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