Stunning iMac 2020 design is the big upgrade we've been waiting for

iMac 2020
(Image credit: Apple)

A redesigned iMac 2020 looks more likely than ever, according to a new schematic found in iOS 14. And concept maker iFinder on Twitter has handily created a render as to what that Apple’s next all-in-one machine might look like. 

The current iMac has sported the same design for years now, but this rumor and render shows it’s likely to get a proper re-jig with much slimmer bezels and less of a chin. And it looks like Apple is drawing from its iPad Pro 2020 design for the iMac.

(Image credit: iFinder)

The render from iFinder shows an iMac design that looks a lot like Apple’s Pro Display XDR monitor, which also sports very slim bezels, as well some impressive specs such as a 6K resolution and up to 1,600 nits of brightness. As such, we would expect the 2020 iMac to come with a very impressive display; maybe not quite as high end as the standalone screen, but pretty well-specced all the same.  

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The render doesn’t give an insight into what else to expect from the next-generation iMac. But from the rumors and leaks so far, the iMac 2020 could come in two different sizes with larger displays than the current generation. The 21.5-inch iMac, for example, could be bumped up to 23 inches. 

There are also hints that the next iMac could make use of AMD chips for both the processors and graphics cards. Or it could use an in-house chip created by Apple based on ARM chip technology. And the iMac could ditch the hybrid HDD/SSD Fusion drive storage, and instead opt for an all-flash setup. 

There have also been hints that Apple could completely redesign the iMac into a machine that has very little in common with its predecessors. A render by Yanko Design based on a patent shows how the iMac 2020 could have an integrated keyboard that looks like the love child of a MacBook Pro and XDR display; we’d be surprised if this concept design bore fruit. 

With a digital-only version of Apple’s WWDC 2020 event taking place on June 22, we’d not be surprised to see new iMac make its debut. Apple's developer conference will see the debut of software such as iOS 14 and watchOS 7, and possibly the much-rumored AirPods Studio headphones. 

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