Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro confirmed on Samsung site — AirPods Pro rival revealed

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
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If you're wondering how Samsung plans to compete with Apple's popular AirPods Pro, we've just gotten definitive proof that new Galaxy Buds are coming soon. And the leak comes straight from Samsung.

As spotted by Sammobile over the weekend, Samsung Canada briefly posted information about the Galaxy Buds Pro, a pair of wireless earbuds that are rumored to be in the works as Apple AirPods Pro competitors. As of this morning (Jan. 3), the listing's gone, but it was up long enough for eagle-eyed shoppers to realize that the release of the new earbuds is imminent.

The Galaxy Buds Pro are rumored to be Samsung's high-end earbuds. Anticipated features include active noise cancellation, 3D audio to compete with Apple's spatial audio feature and an ambient mode to let you hear conversations going on around you. The Galaxy Buds Pro could also include Dolby Atmos support.

The listing for the Galaxy Buds Pro on the Samsung Canada website contained little in the way of those features. All the listing showed was the product's name and model number. We don't even have a price for the upcoming earbuds.

Fortunately, other sources have told us what to expect in terms of cost for the Galaxy Buds Pro. An earlier Galaxy Buds Pro rumor listed the price as $199, which would be a $50 discount on the AirPods Pro.

We could find out soon enough just what features the Galaxy Buds Pro will deliver at what price. The new earbuds are expected to debut alongside the Galaxy S21 lineup, and after this story was initially published, Samsung confirmed that it will hold a Jan. 14 product launch. We're expecting to see both the new phone and the Galaxy Buds Pro at that time.

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