PS5 price may be changing — thanks to Xbox Series X

(Image credit: Microsoft/Sony)

Microsoft laid its cards on the table about its upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch. And Sony may have taken notice.

While announcing a Nov. 10 launch date for the new Xbox, Microsoft said that the Xbox Series X will cost $499. And at least one publication says Sony could be having a re-think about its own plans for the PS5 release date and price now that it’s seen what Microsoft is planning.

That’s the word from European gaming publication Gamereactor, which cites an anonymous source claiming that the PS5’s price was "considerably" more expensive — so much so that Sony may wind up cutting its pricing plans to match the Xbox.

If this report is accurate, that means the PS5 could also go for $499, while a digital version without a disc drive might cost $100 less. 

Sony hasn’t announced price and release dates for the PS5, nor did it post any public reaction to Microsoft’s big announcement. So this could wind up being idle speculation.

Up until Microsoft’s announcement about Xbox prising this week, both gaming console makers had been silent on what the new versions would cost. We’ve gotten some information on the rival systems, including specs and some game titles.

After Microsoft's announcement, we know that the Xbox Series X will officially launch on November 10, with pre-orders starting Sept. 22. Users can get a console by way of the Xbox All Access program, which lets you lease the system and get 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at $34.99 a month. 

Sony has not clearly defined a release date or when preorders will go live, and it's starting to become a bit concerning. It's possible that the company was waiting for Xbox pricing to be set and that we’ll learn more PS5 details any day now. The ball is certainly squarely in Sony’s court.

Brittany Vincent

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