PS5 has an awesome new feature Xbox Series X can't match

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The PS5 has many flashy features like 3D audio and adaptive triggers, but one of its most useful new additions may have just been accidentally revealed.

PushSquare spotted a feature named Game Presets in a Recommended Settings video published by the PlayStation Support YouTube channel. The menu doesn't actually get covered in the video, but if you pause the video at around 2:27, you can see what options can be preset. 

In recent years, games have been making options like subtitles available before the start of the game, in a similar way to long-standing difficulty selection screens, in order to let players tailor things before even the first cutscene plays. Now you do all of this once at a system level, with PlayStation's video showing you exactly how it's done.

Other adjustable options include different pre-sets for first-person and third-person games, presumably both offering your choice of camera controls for these two styles of gameplay. You can also swap between performance and resolution modes for graphics, depending on if you generally prefer higher framerates or prettier visuals.

PS5 Game Presets menu

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It's a thoughtful addition by Sony for sure. We now have to hope that developers arrange their options menus in such a way that they are compatible, otherwise this good idea will go to waste. It's also something we haven't yet seen from the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, which gives the PS5 an advantage over its rival for third-party games. 

Another PS5-enhanced game

Lots of existing games have been announcing their move to the new generation of consoles with revamped graphics and other improvements. And the latest one to announce its changes for PS5 (and Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S too) is Warframe.

This multiplayer title featuring wall-running space ninjas with simply-too-cool outfits has been popular for several years, and developer Digital Extremes has announced, via the Warframe website. 4K/60fps support for both consoles and much faster loading times.

Warframe on PS5

(Image credit: Digital Extremes)

That's only the first stage however, as down the road DE has a texture overhaul and dynamic lighting rework planned that will not only make the game look better, but also reduce the size of the game on a console's SSD. An important factor given that both the PS5 and Xbox Series S have had concerns raised about their smaller SSD sizes.

PS5 users will also see some unique additions, like support for the DualSense controller's adaptive triggers (with more haptic feedback features coming later) and for the Activities menu, allowing players to quickly start specific in-game challenges from the main menu. DE has said it will share more about the Xbox Series X version "very soon," so we shall see if Microsoft's console gets any unique features of its own.

The PS5 goes on sale from November 19, but is right now available to pre-order — if you can find somewhere that's not sold out already.

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  • d0x360
    Except the xbox kinda has some of those features already. They were added a while back. Also the 360 had these features and people had been asking for their return for quite a long time and Microsoft met everyone half way and inlcuded some of them..

    I'd expect since ps5 has everything the 360 had then Microsoft will roll out an update to fully restore these features sooner rather than later.

    Nice clickbait headline on this one. A for effort I guess. It's not like Microsoft could ever add a software feature... Oh they already kinda have that... Ok.
  • cnorborg
    Agreed, nothing but clickbait. This is a software feature that could easily be matched, and can be ignored by developers if they want. And not all that awesome either. This site used to be so much better!!
  • Mcraven Crow
    Could be better if PS5 CAN NOW TRANSLATE NATIVE JAPANESE LANGUAGE GAMES INTO ENGLISH. No, right? Just like the Trails of Cold Steel Saga of Nihon Falcom, they went on and made the jap version first before releasing the western edition.