Netflix just cancelled Inside Job — despite ordering season 2

(Image credit: Netflix)

Another week, another Netflix cancellation, and this time Inside Job is on the chopping block. It’s also another example of Netflix reversing course, since Netflix originally renewed the show for a second season last June. But, alas, like GLOW season 4, that season is never going to be made.

The news of Inside Jobs’ cancellation came via Twitter, with creator Shion Takeuchi breaking the news in the early hours of this morning. Takeuchi thanked fans for watching the show, and for caring about the main characters as much as she did. That doesn’t stop her being heartbroken about the news, and many Inside Job fans will no doubt be able to relate.

For those that didn’t know, Inside Job is a workplace comedy, set at the shadow government organization Cognito, Inc. It’s a world where conspiracy theories are real, rather than outlandish nonsense, with global control being shared among Cognito and five other major organizations. 

The show follows scientist Regan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan) as she’s placed in charge of Cognito, but is forced to share that responsibility with Brett Hand (Clark Duke) — an unqualified frat boy who fell into the role by accident. Other voice talent includes Christian Slater, Tisha Campbell, John DiMaggio, Bobby Lee, Brett Gelman, Andy Daly and Chris Diamantopoulos.

It’s not clear why Netflix u-turned on the show like this, or how far into production the second season was. All we do know is that the first 10 episodes of season 1 debuted in October 2022, with the final 8 arriving 11 months later in November 2022. It’s similarly unclear as to why there was such a long gap between both parts of the season, or why the show was cut down from the original 20-episode order.

Whatever the reasons behind these decisions, it shows that Netflix hasn’t changed tact just because it’s 2023. We are less than two weeks into the year and the streaming service has already cancelled two shows — the other being period sci-fi 1899

2022 saw at least 19 Netflix shows get cancelled, 13 of which never even got to their second season. We don’t have a time machine, so we don’t know what will happen over the next 50 weeks. Needless to say, it’s yet another reason why it seems futile to invest in new Netflix shows these days.

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