Netflix just canceled this movie before it was even made

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It’s been a turbulent few weeks over at Netflix, and it appears the troubles at the streamer’s Animation division aren’t over quite yet. It’s just been confirmed that another in-development project has been scrapped, and the creator is rather disgruntled. 

This time it’s an animated movie named Kung-Fu Space Punch that has been axed by Netflix. The movie was first announced in 2017 and at the time was set to revolve around “an American Kung Fu cowboy guy in space who falls in love with Ramona Sanchez, a hot-headed childhood rival turned hardcore Mexican cop, while fighting the legendary villain Kathulo for the fate of the galaxy” according to its creator Jorge R. Gutierrez. 

Gutierrez has worked with Netflix before. He serves as a writer, voice actor and director on the animated series Maya and the Three, which debuted last year. It’s unclear how far into development Kung-Fu Space Punch was at the time of its cancelation, but Gutierrez had previously hinted the project may have morphed from a movie into a show and could feature some form of crossover with Maya. 

However, what form the finished project would have taken will likely forever remain a mystery as Gutierrez has taken to Twitter to confirm that Netflix has scrapped the project. “My beloved kung space western is not moving forward at Netflix Animation,” he said in a short social media post. 

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A follow-up post did indicate that Kung-Fu Space Punch could eventually see the light of day, but it won't be at Netflix: “It’s not dead DEAD. Just not moving forward at Netflix Animation. This means I have to set it up a different studio to make it which of course is my plan. I adore this idea and it will get made," said Gutierrez. 

This is far from the only project that has been canceled at Netflix Animation recently. Last month the streamer's animated-focused subdivision canceled four projects, and in April a long-in-development adaptation of the beloved graphic novel series Bone was also canned. These cancelations come in the wake of a report from The Wrap that suggests Netflix’s Animation outlet is undergoing a period of turmoil.  

It’s not just animated projects that are being scrapped by Netflix right now. The list of Netflix canceled shows in 2022 is growing longer each month and already includes high-profile casualties such as Archive 81, The Baby-Sitters Club and Raising Dion

Netflix is definitely feeling the squeeze right now and has recently confirmed its plans to bring in an ad-supported tier and crackdown on password sharing in an effort to stem the tide of viewers who are opting to unsubscribe. 

In more positive news, Netflix has a new No.1 movie that is full of surprise twists. 

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