Microsoft could be bringing its AI Copilot to billions of Windows 10 users

Windows 11 Copilot on laptop
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Following the rollout of its Copilot artificial intelligence assistant to all Windows 11 users last week, the company is now rumored to be bringing it to Windows 10. This would put the chatbot in the hands of more than a billion people and significantly expand its reach.

Able to control settings such as wallpaper and night mode, generate content, and summarize web pages through the Edge browsers — Microsoft has positioned its AI as a way to turn any Windows user into a super user. 

With about 400 million users on Windows 11 and more than a billion on Windows 10, adding Copilot to the older OS makes sense, especially when Microsoft is trying to convince developers to build plugins for the chatbot.

Why bring it to Windows 10 now?

These plugins are similar to those found in ChatGPT, bringing live data and other tools into the chatbot such as flight information, advanced calculations and the ability to read a PDF. Microsoft is working directly with developers to build out these tools and expanding the user base would provide an additional incentive for more developers to come onboard.

Windows Central first broke the story, with sources claiming that the update could be coming very soon, working in much the same way as Windows 11's Copilot. 

The Windows 10 Copilot would feature a Copilot button on the taskbar, opening the same sidebar experience found on the newer version of the operating system. 

Part of a larger strategy

Processing of data, creation of images, and many of the Copilot functions are handled remotely and not on your device, so deploying the AI to older versions of Windows should be relatively straightforward for Microsoft.

This is part of a wider move from Microsoft away from a strategy of transitioning people onto Windows 11 as quickly as possible. There are thought to be several new features and services coming to Windows 10 previously reserved for Windows 11. 

Support for Windows 10 could also be extended beyond the current October 2025 deadline depending on the speed of transitioning users onto Windows 11.

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