Target PS5 restock sold out — how to get yours when it returns

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Today (March 25) looks set to be a significant day for anyone who is hoping to get their hands on a PS5. Target has already restocked both the regular and digital edition of the PS5 this morning. 

This stock information came by way of Tech Radar (with some help from YouTuber Jake Randall), with the website being contacted by multiple Target employees telling them that the retailer was planning a huge restock today. 

PS5: $499 @ Target

PS5: $499 @ Target
The PS5 is Sony's flagship console, offering 4K gaming at 60fps. It's no wonder the console has been flying off the shelves. Right now the console is sold out at Target.

PS5 Digital Edition: $399 @ Target

PS5 Digital Edition: $399 @ Target
The PS5 Digital Edition is the same great console, just minus the Blu-ray drive. Ideal for gamers who hate disc swapping. The console is currently sold out at Target. 

Target might not be the only retailer restocking Sony’s hugely in-demand machine today. Antonline is also expected to be taking PS5 orders today. This could be alongside the massive Amazon restock that has been delayed since last week. If all these drops come to fruition then a huge group of gamers could be in a treat ahead of the weekend. 

Of course, it’s important to remember that all this restock information can only be classified as speculation until the restocks actually happen. Let’s not forget that much-rumored significant Amazon restock broke our hearts last week when it never came to pass.

However Target has had restocks every two weeks recently, and March 25 (aka today) marks two weeks since the retailer’s last drop, so today's restock happened right on schedule.

We’re tracking PS5 restocks at every major retailer in our where to buy a PS5 guide, so make sure to keep a close look on that page for further information about all further drops that are expected today. 

How to buy a PS5 at Target 

It might seem obvious but the first thing you need to do to ensure you have any chance of picking up a PS5 at Target is set up an account and make sure all your payment details and address info are saved. 

The last thing you want is to get the PS5 in your checkout basket and then lose the console because you got sidetracked entering your card details and zip code.

It’s worth noting that Target always releases its console stock in waves. So it will drop the PS5 and the PS5 digital edition in separate batches rather than all at once. Therefore even if you jump on a restock and the console is sold out it’s worth sticking around in case you catch the start of a new wave. 

Jake Randall also suggests setting up payment methods like PayPal, Apple Pay, or RedCard. These options take customers to a separate server to process payment, which can help you avoid server crashes from thousands of customers all trying to pay for a PS5 at the same time. 

It’s worth downloading the Target app as well, as it can give you a second chance if the website is struggling to handle a traffic surge during a PS5 restock. Plus, it’s pretty convenient if you’re out and about doing something else when stock drops.

Target has not been restocking the console in-store, so online is the only place you’ll be able to grab a PS5 from the retailer. At checkout, you can edit your location to select a store that has PS5 stock if your local one is all out. 

Sometimes Target may prevent you from progressing through checkout after changing location, in that case just clear your browser cookies and give it another shot. 

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