LG's new 163-inch microLED display could change TVs forever

(Image credit: LG)

The LG Magnit is a fantastic demonstration of what future screens will be capable of. The only problem is it's not really something you can buy for your home.

LG's announcement of the Magnit claims that this enormous 163-inch display, coming to the US, Europe and a few other markets, is its first microLED display, which promises "groundbreaking picture quality and durability."

Micro LEDs are a still-fledgling display technology that is similar to the OLED panels found on many phones, laptops, TVs and other devices, but work at a smaller scale with pixels that are 100 times smaller. The bottom line is that microLEDs should make images clearer, more colorful and visible from a wide angle.

LG also sings the praises of its "Black Coating," a surface applied to the microLEDs which protects them from damage or dirt, as well as minimizing reflections.

Running the show is LG's webOS, assisted by its Alpha AI imaging processor to help optimize the picture. These help the individual blocks of the display work in unison, with installation apparently being surprisingly easy due to well organized cabling and the modular contactless arrangement of the blocks.

Don't mistake this for your next TV though. This is a 163-inch display after all, designed more for hotel and office lobbies and convention centers rather than your living room. While this product is obviously not designed for the average consumer, the Magnit going on sale is great news for large displays like TVs and monitors, as this awesome-sounding technology is bound to trickle down to products you could reasonably afford.

This also heralds the arrival of similar tech for smartphones and tablets. We've been hearing for some time that Apple is working on miniLED technology for its iPhones and iPads, but we've yet to see a product appear that uses it. Since LG sells its displays to other companies, perhaps we'll see a slew of smartphones in the next few years using LG-designed panels that make use of the fantastic features the Magnit is promising.

Richard Priday
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