Jamie Oliver’s kitchen on wheels draws on the popular ‘Cabincore’ trend

Jamie Oliver
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Jamie Oliver may be well-known for his culinary delights, and easy-to-make family meals, but for interior decor enthusiasts (like myself), his kitchen styles are getting us all excited.

In his latest Instagram post, Jamie is rustling up some autumnal recipes inside his charming kitchen on wheels, with the caption: “Such a great day with my amazing team recently filming some lovely warming autumnal recipes, keep an eye out as will be sharing them with you all soon! Have a lovely weekend everyone xx”.

The short video shows the chef cooking inside a stationary caravan that has been fully customized to resemble a stunning, rustic kitchen/diner, complete with a wood fired oven. Otherwise known as the ‘Cabincore’ trend, this interior aesthetic has taken off this year — popularized by TikTok. So what exactly is ‘Cabincore’? We asked one of our interior experts to share her thoughts. 

"In the past year the interiors world has seen a rise in the 'cabincore' trend which romanticizes the idea of rustic cabins or cottages in natural, secluded settings," says Amy Wilson, in-house interior designer at 247 Blinds & Curtains. "It draws inspiration from rural and wilderness living, often celebrating a return to a simpler, more self-sufficient way of life. With celebrities such as Jamie Oliver choosing to opt for the look, we’re expecting to see the popularity of rustic interiors continue to rise."

Another element of cabincore is an overuse of wood which adds warmth and texture, but also compliments industrial features. We see inside Jamie’s kitchen on wheels, dark panelling on the walls, alongside rustic accents such as candles, lanterns, and wooden crates. They even managed to fit a mahogany, leather seating area in the caravan for extra comfort. These all work well to add impact, warmth and rustic charm – not to mention instantly create a relaxing and cozy ambiance. 

"In an ever-busy world, they offer a retreat where you can slow down, relax, and reconnect with nature. Whether you're surrounded by the wilderness or in the heart of the city, cabincore design elements can transform any space into a serene haven."

Cabincore interiors

Cabincore interiors (Image credit: 247 Curtains)

How to create Jamie’s ‘cabincore’ look at home

While we may not be able to have a rustic kitchen on wheels like Jamie, you can still incorporate cabincore elements in any home. So how do you achieve this?

"Rustic interiors are all about charm that has a touch of elegance. Exposed wooden beams, reclaimed timber floors, wooden blinds and weathered wood furniture create a warm and welcoming atmosphere," explains Wilson.

Rustic living room

Rustic living room (Image credit: 247 Curtains)

"This interior style features an earthy color palette that mirrors the natural surroundings. Think warm browns, deep greens, and muted blues. Rustic designs embrace the use of natural materials. Stone hearths and fireplaces become focal points, while large windows and made-to-measure curtains frame picturesque views of the surrounding wilderness. 

However, comfort is paramount in cabincore interiors. Plush sofas, layered blankets and faux fur rugs invite you to snuggle up on chilly evenings, enhancing the cosy ambience."

So if you’re looking to spruce up your home with cabincore elements this season, you can take inspiration from Jamie’s kitchen. And with the colder months ahead, you’ll appreciate such warm and cozy settings — all that’s missing is a delicious cup of hot chocolate to keep you toasty. 

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