iPhone 9 delayed indefinitely, multiple sources confirm

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Things don’t look good at all inside Apple. And the first victim of coronavirus mayhem amidst a volatile market is the iPhone 9 aka iPhone SE 2: it will be delayed indefinitely, according to multiple sources inside and outside the company.

That’s the word of YouTuber Jon Prosser, who claims he has confirmation of this and many other bad things happening inside Apple right now. This is reportedly coming straight from five different sources, many inside the company and all confirming the same news. 

Prosser's sources confirm and expand on some of the rumors we have been hearing in the past few weeks and they can be summarized in one of the allegedly direct quotes from an Apple source that Prosser cites in his video report: “we are trying to outrun the virus”.

First and most importantly, and always according to Prosser and his alleged sources inside Apple, the iPhone 9 has been shelved for the time being.

We thought Apple’s new low cost device was going to be delayed a month or two — or perhaps available in limited supply for a while. However, according to Prosser sources, things have taken a turn for the worse. The iPhone 9 has been delayed indefinitely and, although June has been cited as a hopeful launch window, the fact is that Apple can’t commit to anything.

Expanding on that “we are trying to outrun the virus” quote, the sources within the Apple say that the production of the iPhone 9 is not the problem. They thought they had solved that and, despite the delays, they were going to make it. 

But now, as the virus spreads like wildfire across the northern hemisphere, the actual problem is the climate of fear, uncertainty, and doubt that is the biggest issue. The current situation is so volatile that, according to Prosser’s sources, Apple doesn’t want to commit to anything at this point. Hence the indefinite delay.

Another reason for suspending the launch of the device indefinitely is that Apple doesn’t actually want a potential mob of clients marching into its stores. The idea, in fact, lines up with another information nugget in the video: that Apple is cancelling tutorial sessions at its stores worldwide to avoid getting groups of people together — a responsible move.

Along with the iPhone 9 indefinite delay comes the cancellation of the special March 31 launch event. While it hadn’t been announced to the public, Apple was internally gearing up to celebrate this keynote, which was being organized by Phil Schiller and his team. Well, the event is no more, says Prosser’s sources.

iPhone 12 delay getting dangerously long

We had already reported on a Bank of America report that claimed the iPhone 12 launch may be delayed to October but, according to Prosser’s insider souyrces, it may get as late as November. 

The reason for this delay is not the lack of parts or production capability, but the fact that Apple forbid the travel of engineers to China to oversee the final stages of the product development process. And without their input, the product couldn’t effectively move forward.

The new iPad and other products, however, were ready to go and may be announced around the end of March timeframe with a press release.

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    iPhones are assembled in China - of course they're delayed! You don't want to contract the coronavirus, do you?