iPhone 16 Pro Max could be the largest Apple handset yet

iPhone 15 Pro Max shown in hand
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While Apple once made a virtue of its palm-sized iPhones, its handsets have been steadily growing in size over the years, and the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max smartphone will apparently take this to a whole new level.

MacRumors has offered up what it refers to as “preliminary weights and dimensions” on all four iPhone 16 handsets due for release in September 2024. According to the site’s sources, while the basic iPhone 16 dimensions will be barely changed from the current iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, the Pro versions are due a decent screen size boost.

The iPhone 16 Pro will apparently measure 6.3 inches from corner to corner, which is up from 6.1 inches on the iPhone 15 Pro. The Pro Max is set to grow by the same 0.2 inches, going from 6.7 inches on the iPhone 15 Pro Max to 6.9 on next year’s version.

Because of the work Apple has done in reducing the bezels over the last few years, the devices’ footprints shouldn’t be that much greater. These are the details supplied by MacRumors:

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Row 0 - Cell 0 iPhone 16 Pro (rumored)iPhone 15 ProiPhone 16 Pro Max (rumored)iPhone 15 Pro Max

MacRumors notes that the width of the devices appears to match the iPhone 14 Pro models, and while the weight has gone up, the adoption of titanium still makes them lighter than last year’s stainless steel handsets which tipped the scales at 206g and 240g respectively. In other words, those on two-year contracts going from iPhone 14 Pro to 16 Pro should get a lot more screen with less weight and an only slightly larger footprint.

The regular iPhone 16 handsets, meanwhile, are largely unchanged, with the same dimensions and just a 2 gram weight increase listed. The only thing we can say for certain from that is that the iPhone mini won’t be brought out of retirement, and that Apple plans to persist with the iPhone Plus for a third generation.

But MacRumors does have a few tidbits to report about what we can expect from the basic iPhone models next year. They will apparently feature a redesigned camera bump, with a vertical arrangement of lenses similar to the iPhone 12. They will also inherit the capacitive Action button from this year’s Pro models and may get an all-new capacitive “Capture Button” too. 

While this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of larger iPhones for next year, MacRumors’ report does emphasize that its reporting “remarkably early” information and that “changes throughout development” remain possible. That said, the site is quite confident that “significant deviations from the dimensions and weights” are unlikely to occur between now and the anticipated September 2024 release date.

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