iPhone 11 Full Specs May Have Just Leaked

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Not all leaks are created equal. Smartphone rumors, including those for the highly anticipated iPhone 11, can come from many sources, but there’s only a select few individuals who regularly post with some kind of authority. TG. The rumors we’re about to talk about, which have popped up online recently, aren’t from a trusted source of leaks, but they make for interesting reading all the same, and definitely aren’t far off the mark.

The source is PCOnline (via MyDrivers and GSMArena), a Chinese language tech site, which posted an image similar to the one below. This original image however belongs to Apple Hub, an Apple enthusiast Twitter account, and was published on August 21, as you can see in the tweet containing the image.

It gives a thorough rundown of all the three iPhone 11 models’ (the base iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max), it brings up some specs we haven’t seen much on until now: the RAM and storage capacities, and the camera pixel count.

Ming Chi Kuo predicted in a February 2019 note (seen by MacRumors) to investors that the successor to the iPhone XR would be getting a bump from 3GB RAM to 4GB RAM, which this new leak backs up. This is a surprisingly small amount, but given that the iPhone XS and XS Max only had 4GB, it’s clear that Apple doesn’t need huge memory capacity to deliver great user experiences. That said, the suggested boost from 4GB to 6GB for the two larger iPhone 11s would be a pretty big jump of its own, even if it’s still below the 12GB RAM you can get on phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Plus, or the OnePlus 7 Pro

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For storage, all three models share a mid and maximum capacity of 256GB and 512GB, but the smallest options differ. The basic iPhone 11 only gets 64GB for its cheapest version, while the Pro and Pro Max have a minimum of 128GB. A 128GB storage module would be a change from the XS series, currently available in 64GB, 256GB or 512GB flavors on either the standard or Max model, but would certainly be another welcome change.

While we’ve seen the square-shaped dual/triple rear camera arrays on the back of numerous renders and dummy models for months, we’ve not known the quality of these cameras. The image above reckons that all cameras on any model of iPhone 11 will be 12MP, including all rear sensors and the front camera. This prompts a similar reaction to the RAM numbers - it’s not much, but you don’t always need a lot. Sure, there are phones with 40MP or higher main sensors with wide-angle and telephoto sensors alongside it (such as Huawei’s P30 Pro), but Google’s Pixel 3 can hold its own against the competition with a single rear lens, and the iPhone XS Max does very well with one sensor too.

Many of the other specs on this sheet we have seen in previous leaks and predictions, or are based on the current stats of the iPhone XS and XR. We and many others are concerned that the iPhone 11 is going to be awfully similar to the previous generation despite increasing the model number, but hopefully the small changes plus the power of the new rear cameras will make the phone a meaningful step up all the same.

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