iPad mini 6 design just leaked — and we have bad news

Apple iPad mini 6 could look a lot like its predecessor
(Image credit: Future)

If you were expecting the iPad mini 6 to look like the iPad Pro then you might be out of luck, as a new leak has shown it could get a larger display but still come with reasonably thick bezels. 

Somewhat regular leaker Sonny Dickson tweeted an image of what are claimed to be refreshed iPad mini and iPad Pro 2021 dummy units. While the Pro tablets have what looks like an iPhone 12 Pro rear camera module, the smaller slate looks disappointingly familiar. 

We should couch this leak with the fact that we can’t verify its contents. For all we know the iPad mini in the photo could be a 5th-gen model used for reference. 

But the leaker is claiming it’s a new iPad mini. Given the angle of the shot, that’s tricky to tell but the display on the iPad mini could be a little larger than its predecessor. Though if the bezels aren’t smaller — again, tricky to tell in the somewhat hazy photos — then the iPad mini 6 could be larger than the iPad mini 5. 

That raises some awkward questions. If the iPad mini is not so mini, then what purpose does it serve? Will it replace the standard iPad, which got a minor refresh last year? Will it get any significant upgrades? 

We had been hoping for an iPad mini that looks like a shrunken version of the iPad Air, with its slim bezels and side-mounted Touch ID and power button combo. But that doesn't appear to be the case in this leak. 

The iPad mini's specs are another mystery, though we can make some educated guesses. It’s likely to have one of Apple’s more recent A-series chipsets, say the A14 Bionic. And there are rumors it could have a mini-LED display, allowing it to get brighter and deliver better contrast without opting for a costly OLED display. 

Those upgrades would just about make the iPad mini worth a look. But we’d be a little disappointed if the specs boost isn't accompanied by a new design.

As for the iPad Pros, the 11-inch and 12.9-ich models look pretty similar to last year’s Pros. We’re expecting a new chip, potentially one derived from the Apple M1 chip, as well as Thunderbolt USB-C support and potentially mini-LED displays.

The upgraded rear camera array, which could hold 12MP wide, 12MP ultra-wide and 12MP telephoto suite of cameras, would likely give the iPad Pro tablets a boost in camera capabilities, as well as power improved augmented reality features.  We’re not completely sold on expansive cameras on iPads, however.

A recent leak has such new iPads down to make their debut April 13 in the form of a simple announcement, rather than a live stream event. We’re expecting an Apple announcement this month, so that date doesn't seem unreasonable. Keep it locked to Tom’s Guide for more information and when we hear it.  

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