iOS 15.5 brings Apple Account Card to the Wallet app — what is it?

Apple Card Account
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Another feature in the recent iOS 15.5 is now live, and it makes it easier to pay for apps, music and other downloads with your Apple account.

Rolling out to iOS 15.5 users in the Wallet app, the new Apple Account Card displays any credit balance linked with your Apple ID. Think of it as a replacement for the long-lost iTunes Pass. 

Similar to that pass, if you have Apple credit on your App Store or receive an Apple Store gift card, the total can be consolidated, showing up in the Apple Account Card within Wallet app. The big change from iTunes Pass is that the Apple Account Card can be used with Apple Pay. That means if you're at an Apple Store, you can use your phone to make a payment, drawing on your Apple ID balance.

In addition to those purchases, you can turn to the Apple Account Card to buy apps, games, and even music on Apple Music.

Apple touts the new Account Card as a much simpler way to check your Apple ID balance. Unlike iTunes Pass, Apple now almost automatically adds the Apple Account Card to your Wallet. The downside? It sounds enough like Apple Card to confuse people into thinking that the Apple Account Card is somehow related to Apple's credit card, which is also stored in the Wallet app. (The two cards are separate, for what it's worth.)

To add an Apple Account Card, launch the Wallet app and hit the Plus button on the main screen to get to Add to Wallet. From there, select Add Apple Account and tap Continue on the ensuing screen.

Apple Account card: adding to wallet

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Adding the Apple Account Card is as simple as tapping Next, though you will need to have a balance on your account to proceed.

Apple account card adding balance

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Once Apple consolidates your balance into the Apple Account Card, it will be there in your Wallet, ready to use.

Apple Account Card added to Wallet

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Rebranding iTunes Pass to Apple Account Card shows Apple’s move to step away from the iTunes brand is continuing. In 2019, the company removed the app for MacOS Catalina and split its functions into three parts — music, TV and podcasts. 

Apple is slowly rolling out Apple Account Card update to iOS 15.5 users. With iOS 16 expected to get a preview at WWDC, we can't wait to see what's coming during the WWDC keynote on June 6. 

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