iOS 14 is getting a surprise feature to make browsing better

Safari on iOS
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Apple may be having a hard time with iOS 13.5 bugs, but at least it has iOS 14 to look forward to, which looks set to bring a built-in translator to Safari as well as full Apple Pencil support for websites. 

That’s according to 9to5Mac who discovered the new features in an early build of iOS 14 that it managed to obtain. The translator comes embedded into iOS 14’s Safari browser, meaning translation can be carried out in the app without the need to use any third-party services or apps. 

Siri on iOS already has the capability to translate words and phrases, but this translation hasn’t found its way into native iOS 14 apps. That looks set to change with Apple starting with Safari. 

According to 9to5Mac, the translation feature is set to automatically feature the language to translate from, though there will also be an option to trigger translations for each website. And apparently there could be an option to switch between the translated text and the original text without refreshing the webpage. 

It might not seem like a major feature, but native translation in Safari on iOS is arguably well overdue. Google’s Chrome browser already a supports translation in its iOS app, though translations need to be actioned rather than happen automatically. 

However, translation in Safari is but one part of the picture. Apple could push its translation across the rest of its IOS 14 apps. And 9to5Mac noted that such translations features could tap into the Neural Engine found in the chipsets of modern iPhones, such as the iPhone 12, meaning translations could be carried out on the phone rather than firing data across the internet. Having real-time translation even in areas with no internet connection would be a rather handy feature, especially for those who like to travel. 

Apple Pencil support on websites is less exciting, but still a useful addition for people who like the precision of navigating sites with a stylus or annotating them. That support is set to come to iPadOS 14, which is slated to be revealed alongside iOS 14 at Apple’s WWDC 2020, an event for developers that will now be online-only due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

A whole range of features is expected to arrive with iOS 14, such as a new multitasking interface, a list view for apps, a new fitness app, and the ability to try out apps without downloading them first. Keep up to date in our iOS 14 hub with all the latest news and leaks as we approach the big unveiling set for June 22.

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