Hidden iOS 13.6 option lets you choose when to install updates: How to use it

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A hidden new feature included in iOS 13.6, released in mid-July, gives you greater control over software updates for your iPhone or iPad.

As reported by ZDNet, iOS users now can choose whether to implement software updates automatically or to download the updates for later installation at more convenient times. 

New update settings

In the past, Apple provided a single “Automatic Updates” option that would automatically download and install updates. But in iOS 13.6, that's been changed to  “Customize Automatic Updates,” which splits the process into one step for downloading updates and another step to install them. 

It’s pretty simple to find this new feature. All you have to do is open up Settings on your iOS device, head to General and then click on Software Update, where you should be able to access the aforementioned option.

Once you’ve selected ‘Customize Automatic Updates”, you’ll be able to see new options for “Download iOS Updates” and “Install iOS Updates."

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More options

While these options sound pretty similar, they have different purposes. The first option enables you to download an update automatically, but then install it manually at a time that suits you. 

So if you see that Apple has released a new update but don’t have time for your phone to go through the installation-and-reboot process, you can choose a more suitable time. 

Meanwhile, if you select the second option, your iPhone will install the update by itself overnight, whether or not the update was automatically or manually downloaded. Your phone will need to be charging at the time. 

You’re able to turn both of these options on if you’d rather updates be installed without any user input, just like you could with the old "Automatic Updates" function.

For both options, you’ll need access to a Wi-Fi connection, or else you won’t be able to update your device. 

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