Bored of Wordle? Then you need to play this new daily trivia game on Netflix.

Trivia Quest on Netflix
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Wordle and its many clones have become the internet’s favorite timewasters in recent months. But if you’re getting a little bored of daily puzzle games and are looking for something new to play, then you need to check out Trivia Quest on Netflix

Based on a popular mobile game called Trivia Crack, this interactive animated quiz show gives you a dozen questions to answer in each new episode. Each installment is based on a specific theme including movies, music and geography. And there are also episodes revolving around more original topics, such as famous quotations and even a whole episode dedicated to Netflix's own shows and movies. 

One of the best things about Trivia Quest is that after you’ve completed an episode you can choose to play again on hard mode. This gives you a whole new set of slightly more tricky questions to answer. Thanks to this Trivia Quest has some serious replayable value, and hard mode can really test your knowledge of a particular subject.

Netflix is releasing a new episode of Trivia Quest every single day throughout April, so there will be 30 total. Don’t worry if you miss a day, you can still go back and replay previous episodes whenever you want. In fact, if you’re just jumping in now you’ve got more than a dozen quizzes waiting for you. Each episode should only take around 5-10 minutes to complete, so they make for great time fillers. 

There is technically a narrative tying the episodes of Trivia Quest together. You’re guided along by an animated character called Willy who’s trying to free his friends from an evil sword with eyes called Rocky. Get enough coins by answering questions right and you can free one of Willy’s pals. To be honest, the story is paper-thin and Willy is more annoying than charming, so we advise playing Trivia Quest with the sound off. After all, most viewers are likely playing for the questions, not the animated characters. 

Trivia Quest is far from Netflix’s first experimentation with interactive content. Earlier this year the streamer released Cat Burglar, which tasks you with answering trivia questions in order to help a feline thief break into a museum. Plus, Netflix has launched interactive movies and shows such as Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, You vs Wild with Bear Grylls and WWE Escape the Undertaker. 

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