Forget MacBook Pro 2021 — this USB-C hub has every port you could possibly need

Product image of Satechi USB-C ON-THE-GO MULTIPORT ADAPTER with yellow background
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The upcoming MacBook Pro 2021 is rumored to bring some much-needed ports back, but you won't need to splurge on that if you invest in this new hub. Satechi has launched what could be the ultimate USB-C hub, which will give a much-needed upgrade to the meager port selection found on the current MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. 

The hub includes both HDMI and VGA out for video, Ethernet data, USB, SD and Micro SD Card support. A major feature is the hub's ability to allow USB-C PD pass-through for charging of up to 100W. 

The less-than-creatively-titled Satechi USB-C On-The-Go Multiport Adapter is a beefy accessory for your MacBook or iPad. The $100 unit measures 4.7 5x 2.4-inches and weighs 4.4 ounces. Of course, while it can fit in a backpack or messenger bag, it might protrude a little.

Regardless, the depth of connectivity is why productivity-focused Apple users will opt for this device. The HDMI port supports up to 4K 60Hz output, which is ideal for users wanting to connect to high resolution monitors for video or photo editing. Interestingly, there's also an included VGA port which can output to 1080p 60Hz. Considering that displays have long since moved past VGA in favor of HDMI and DisplayPort, the inclusion of this analog input is curious.  

Having USB-C PD charging up to 100W means that this hub will be able to top up multiple devices. Granted, it will require a sufficient 7-10W power brick. Either way, while using your MacBook Pro, you can connect the charger to this hub and deliver fast charging to your iPhone, iPad or other devices. 

Because Apple has continued to remove ports from its devices, it's forced users to have to buy third-party dongles and accessories. Fortunately, MacBook Pro 2021 rumors suggest that Apple will bring back HDMI and SD Card support with this year's MacBook Pro. But this new hub brings even more connectivity options. 

Compared to other similar hubs, like from Anker and Hyper, Satechi's offers a similar feature set. The main difference being that Satechi only requires one USB-C connection. Granted, the hubs by Anker and Hyper do have a flush finish, embedding itself to the side of a MacBook Pro in a more endemic manner. But those hubs lack VGA. 

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