Early Prime Day deal: Save 40% on Eero mesh Wi-Fi routers

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If you're struggling to get your home Wi-Fi signal to all your rooms, then you should check out this trio of Eero mesh routers, which are currently £100 cheaper than usual.

This is an Amazon UK-only deal, and you need to be a Prime member in order to access it. But since Prime costs £79 a year (£96 if you're renewing monthly), you can instantly refund your membership fee just by buying this bundle.

Eero Mesh Wi-Fi system 3-pack: £100 off @ Amazon U.K.

Eero Mesh Wi-Fi system 3-pack: £100 off @ Amazon U.K.
Get the reliability and speed that you need with these three mesh Wi-Fi routers that intelligently route your traffic and tackle internet dead-zones in your house.

Amazon's Eero routers are designed to be a replacement for your existing Wi-Fi router, and will extend and strengthen your coverage. The mesh network connects each router to the other two, meaning in theory that there will be greater signal strength and fewer dead spots across your home. That's thanks to greater connectivity and the Eero routers' intelligent routing of internet traffic between them.

The small and innocuously designed boxes will easily fit in a cubbyhole or in the open on a table, and they're easy to set up too. You can set them up wirelessly or use the ethernet ports in the back to connect them to essential devices, such as a desktop PC or printer.

An Eero app on your phone is how you set-up and maintain the routers. Either in your home or away from it, you're able to check the network's status, who's accessing it and share login details with friends. The routers also automatically update, so they're always as secure as possible even without your involvement.

In our Eero mesh router review, we were impressed by the devices' reliability and ability to deal with internet traffic, and how easy they were to set up. One of the only faults we found was how costly the routers were, something that this deal more than fixes.

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