Disney Plus brings GroupWatch to UK — just in time for Mandalorian season 2

Baby Yoda
(Image credit: Lucasfilm)

Watching TV programmes as a group has been a little bit difficult of late, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, even if you can get everyone to agree to a specific time. Disney Plus GroupWatch features have made it that bit easier, but it only works if it’s actually available.

Thankfully, Disney has just announced GroupWatch is now available in the U.K., which is just in time for the premiere of The Mandalorian season 2 next Friday.

Disney Plus originally launched its GroupWatch feature at the end of September, letting up to seven people to sync their viewing experience together and watch something simultaneously. It was limited to the U.S. at the time, but now Disney’s realised it’s time to rollout to other regions.

Like the American version of GroupWatch, the feature lets seven friends watch Disney Plus together, without having to try and coordinate when to press the start button. And without everyone having to simultaneously pause every few minutes because Steve can’t stop drinking energy drinks.

GroupWatch is available on web browsers, smart TVs, streaming devices, and the Disney Plus mobile app. The only caveat is that the invitation link has to come from the web or mobile app. But in the end it doesn’t matter how you choose to watch the latest adventures of Baby Yoda, you can do it all as a team. Provided everyone has a Disney Plus subscription of course.

Other features GroupWatch includes are the option for any viewer to pause, should they need a break for one reason or another. They can also respond to what happens on-screen with one of six different emojis. There’s no audio chat, though, so if you want to be able to respond with actual words you’ll need to set up a group call on some other app.

The process is quite easy to set up, but if you want some pointers make sure to check out our how to guide. And get some practice in before October 30, because Baby Yoda isn’t going to wait for your tomfoolery. 

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