Dell teases new XPS Desktop for gaming and content creation

Dell XPS Desktop
(Image credit: Dell)

After years of laying dormant, the Dell XPS Desktop is back. Dell has teased the return of its mainstream desktop PC, though details on the system's specs and price are still a mystery.

As part of a major set of announcements that includes the new Dell G5 desktop and Dell G7 laptop series, Dell also shared a slight glimpse of what's in store for the new XPS Desktop. The PC will provide "massive performance for powering creation, gaming and VR," and will be part of Nvidia's RTX Studio program.

A teaser image shows what looks like the front of the new XPS desktop, which Dell calls a "modern minimalistic design." The new PC seems to borrow some of the design language of the latest XPS laptops, though we'll have to get a fuller look to be sure. The company says to expect more details in July.

We've been impressed with Dell's previous XPS Tower desktops, which deliver powerful gaming and graphics performance within a chassis that's far more subdued than what you'll see from the company's Alienware brand. 

Dell XPS Tower

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Previous XPS Towers borrowed the same blissfully easy-to-upgrade internal chassis found on the Alienware Aurora, so we hope to see that mechanism return on the new XPS desktop. And an upgrade to the latest 10th Gen Intel processors seem like a given. 

If you're looking for a powerful desktop for productivity, VR and gaming and aren't into the aggressive look of most gaming PCs, the XPS Desktop should be on your radar. We should know much more about the PC in just a month, so stay tuned. 

Michael Andronico

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