Deadpool just joined MCU in the best video you'll see all week

Deadpool and Korg
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Deadpool appears to have finally joined the MCU, sort of. To promote Ryan Reynolds’ latest flick, Free Guy, the Merc with a Mouth has teamed up with the MCU’s Korg for a new reaction-style video that is laced with Deadpool’s signature fourth wall breaking humor.

This spoof video can almost certainly be classified as non-canon but it’s still significant as it marks the first time that Reynolds’ Deadpool has interacted with a character from the MCU. Korg’s inclusion in the video makes a lot of sense as the character is voiced by Taika Waititi, who also stars in Free Guy. 

The video begins with Deadpool welcoming viewers back to his mock reaction channel before introducing Korg, claiming he was the only MCU character available as the rest are “on Disney Plus”. The video continues with the pair watching a trailer for the upcoming blockbuster Free Guy while making several meta jabs about Disney’s takeover of Fox.  

Deadpool also jokes that Deadpool 3 hasn’t seen the light of day yet because Reynolds was too busy working on other projects like Free Guy. The whole video is very self-aware and full of winking references that longtime Marvel fans will get a real kick out of. 

Most interestingly, the video ends with Deadpool asking Korg if he has any “tips for getting into the MCU." While this is definitely played for laughs as Korg replies with a long-winded speech about “chasing dreams," it’s perhaps our strongest indication yet that Disney does see a place for Deadpool within its juggernaut MCU franchise. 

Ever since Disney completed its purchase of 20th Century Fox in 2019, fans have speculated how Deadpool would be integrated into the MCU canon. There had been concerns that Deadpools potty-mouth could be at odds with the strictly PG-13 nature of the MCU, but Marvel Studios president Kevin Fiege confirmed earlier this year that a third Deadpool movie will happen and it will be R-rated. 

The crossover video seems to have struck a chord with Marvel fans, racking up over 4 million views in less than 24 hours. No doubt it’ll convince a few people to check out Free Guy when it comes to theaters next month. It’s just one blockbuster in a whole tidal wave of summer movies releasing over the next few weeks.  

Rory Mellon
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