Can’t find a PS5 restock? Sony offers bizarre new competition as an alternative

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If you’re still struggling to track down a PS5 restock, then Sony has an alternative for you in the form of its new PS5 Treat Codes promotion. 

This competition will see Sony distribute 14 unique codes across various channels. Each code is worth one entry into a draw to win a PS5 console. Sounds simple enough, the rub comes when you dig into the terms and conditions and find out where these codes can actually be found. 

In short, these codes could appear literally anywhere, or as Sony puts it: “[code] can appear online, in key locations or at events across areas including, but not limited to: sport, gaming, film and music.” The codes will also be distributed worldwide, so the odds of any one person being able to successfully locate all 14 codes themselves are virtually zero. 

The good news is each code can be redeemed by multiple people, they're not single use. You could in theory find a code and share it with friends, family or the entire world. In fact, Sony encourages just this, telling hopefully entrants to “keep up to date” using the hashtag #PS5TREATCODES. 

Of course, the more you share a code the more you decrease your own chances of winning the draw. So the smartest move if you actually want to score a PS5 would be to find a code and then keep very quiet about it. It seems that Sony is banking on the goodwill of gamers to ensure the codes get spread far and wide. 

Frankly, the competition sounds slightly over engineered to us. The tracking down codes aspect feels a little reminiscent of the Golden Ticket hunt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, only decidedly less whimsical. The codes will inevitably find their way onto social media, rendering the whole competition essentially just a random lottery. 

The number of consoles available in the promotion also feels a little stingy. 14 PS5s is a very small amount, especially for a worldwide competition. Although, in the comments of the YouTube announcement video, gamers have reacted with mock surprise that Sony has even been able to locate 14 consoles to give away such is the machine’s continued scarcity. 

If you happen to stumble across a code by chance, or some of them end up widely shared online, then we certainly advise entering the PS5 Treat Codes competition. There’s no harm in putting your name in the hat, but we definitely don’t recommend putting all your eggs in this particular basket. The odds of you being one of the 14 winners will be absolutely tiny. 

If you desperately want to get your hands on a PS5 console to play some of 2022’s biggest games, including exclusives like Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7, then you will need to keep tracking console stock for now. If you need some assistance, make sure to check out our PS5 restock hub for the latest updates and expert buying advice.  

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