Android Auto bug is blowing up icons to hilarious sizes

Android auto connected to samsung galaxy s9+
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Update: Latest Android Auto update has a major bug — see if you’re affected.

Android Auto is an incredibly useful tool to have, especially on long trips, but recently it seems to be looking a lot glitchier than usual. The latest issue involves the software blowing up icons to absolutely comical levels.

It’s not the biggest issue to have, even less annoying than the recent issues with Google Maps getting stuck in dark mode on Android Auto. But those enlarged icons do end up taking extra screen space, impairing the driver’s ability to see anything else. Fortunately, Google is already working on a fix.

One user posted to Google’s support forum and Reddit, noting that this issue only happened after they upgraded to a phone running Android 12. The companion image shows that Android Auto’s primary icons (Home, notification and voice command toggle) are enlarged to the point where they take up half the display — rather than a slice in the bottom corner.

App icons found on the homescreen appear to be unaffected in the images we’ve seen.

android auto enlarged icons

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Other commenters have also noted they suffer from this issue, with a wide variety of phones and car models. A similar problem was reported earlier this year, primarily affecting Oppo and Xiaomi phones, suggesting that this has been an issue for some time.

The number of related complaints seems to be pretty low this time round, suggesting that this isn’t a particularly widespread problem. The issue also seems to be affecting phones running Android 12, particularly on devices made by the likes of OnePlus and Xiaomi. But it’s not limited to them, with some claims that the same problem has happened with Samsung’s Galaxy A53.

It’s not clear what’s causing this issue, since it’s happening on multiple versions of the Android Auto app. Users have also reported trying different cables, to see if that made any difference, without success.

This isn’t the only issue Android 12 seems to have caused with Android Auto either. Google has already released an update designed to fix cable related issues affecting Samsung Galaxy S22 phones’ connection to Android Auto, and last year users reported issues with the Google Pixel 6 not launching the app correctly.

Google has noted the issue of enlarged icons is under investigation, so hopefully that means a fix will be coming soon. In the meantime, if your phone is causing this issue with Android Auto, you might be better off relying on Android 12’s built-in driving mode. Just make sure you have a way to safely display your phone screen while you drive. Checking out one of the best car phone mounts is a good place to start.

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