Andor fan reactions are out — and they love and loathe it

Diego Luna (as Cassian Andor) in Ferrix in ANDOR
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Andor, the fourth live-action Star Wars show on Disney Plus, and while we loved the first four episodes in our Andor review, not everyone is as happy with the series. Hours after the first three episodes dropped this morning, fans have already taken to social media to express their delight (and disgust).

So far, the happier reactions seem to be loving the fact that Andor feels utterly different. The show isn't quite like Obi-Wan Kenobi or The Mandalorian, and doesn't have a whole lot of fan service.

That might be what's ruffling the feathers of those who don't like it, as Andor's detractors are claiming it's on the boring side. The lack of time for one original Star Wars character advertised in the show is already annoying one viewer.

So, let's break down Andor's complaints and hurrahs!

Henry T. Casey
Henry T. Casey

Henry T. Casey is practically never not streaming something. While his primary interest is pro wrestling, he's watching (and rewatching) the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lately, he's hoping the Star Wars movies and shows under Disney can show more of what we've not seen before.

Andor fan reactions: What people love

Over on reddit, u/jesseberdinka writes "Never thought I'd see a show like this in Disney era." Why? They elaborate, saying "Doesn't pander. No fan service. Complex characters.Doesnt [sic] feel the need to be frentic in action. Patient. Sparse meaningful dialog. In a comment, u/tmdblya wrote "Agree 100%. No stunt casting. Real sets. Patient storytelling. Subtle acting. The Star Wars I’ve been waiting for."

As for how this all happened? u/aeplusjay wrote "That's what you get when you don't put 'unnecessary fan service and nostalgia baits' on top of your priority."

Diego Luna (as Cassian Andor) in a field in ANDOR

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Twitter user @JohnnyMacZero24 writes "#Andor is so far really good and deep story driven that’s building up. Loven [sic] it"

Redditor TSM_E3 points out the how Andor's got high quality despite a lack of connectivity, writing "How ironic how one of the best star wars content there is, is something that isn't even remotely star wars. It already happen once, and it's starting to happen again."

In contrast to one of the complaints we found, u/Spookyy422 applauds Andors patience, writing "I absolutely love that it’s kind off slow-burn! 2 episodes in and I’m already attached to the characters!"

Andor fan reactions: What people loathe

Kyle Soller as Syril Karn looking at a hologram of Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Andor

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Twitter user @BGrizzy1989 is not happy about Andor's pacing, noting "Andor Episode 3 was better... shit actually happened. Stellan Skarsgard's character is kind of interesting. Kind of Feels like the show ACTUALLY begins with next weeks episode and all this was pointless filler. But we will see."

User @AdsButt123 is frustrated by the lack of Genevieve O'Reilly's Mon Mothma, writing "#Andor is OK but I'm not overly impressed with it. The first 3 episodes don't feature Mon Mothma at all. It feels like some of it is dragged out in a pointless fashion. In the flashback I would have had battle droids instead of random separatists. #StarWars"

Analysis: Get your Andor expectations calibrated properly

Yes, Mon Mothma appears in the ads for Andor. No, she doesn't appear in the first three episodes. But I would hope that fans can walk into a show about Cassian Andor and allow it to focus on that character, before it brings in others. Andor is a 12-episode series, so it's clearly taking its time.

That said, I agree completely with the above applause from fans who love Andor despite its lack of Star Wars fan service. We've already had three Star Wars shows that tie into the universe properly, so it's definitely time for something different.

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