After five years, we now know the final Street Fighter V character

Street Fighter V Luke screenshot
(Image credit: Capcom)

Street Fighter V has evolved tremendously since its 2017 release. And after frame time reductions, netcode improvements and a greatly expanded character roster, we now know the final DLC fighter to be graced by Capcom. 

Luke, an American kickboxer, will be the final Street Fighter V DLC character. He was announced during the Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021 digital event. He will be released later this November, bringing the total roster to 45. The event also gave a detailed glimpse into previously announced fighters Oro and Akira Kazama. Release dates for both the 140 year-old Japanese hermit and high schooler from the Rival Schools series set for August 16.

In terms of style, Luke is a quick fighter that hits fast on a light foot. He does look like an MMA fighter, so movement will likely be key to his playstyle. Producer Shuhei Matsumoto also said that Luke "will be a key player in the future of Street Fighter."

So, it seems that Luke will be making a return in future games, potentially even an eventual Street Fighter VI. More of Luke's backstory will be revealed closer to his November launch. 

Street Fighter V DLC characters Oro and Akira

(Image credit: Capcom)

Along with the character announcements, Street Fighter V also has a vibrant competitive esports community. Capcom has invested money into its esports scene with the Capcom Pro Tour, hosting tournaments and giving out hundreds of thousands in prize winnings. It also launched the Street Fighter League, a 3-on-3 team-battle format with television-like production values. Capcom announced that Street Fighter League Japan would be returning, with scouting taking place in this month. 

Finals for season 3 of Street Fighter League will take place next month.

Street Fighter V DLC characters Oro and Akira

(Image credit: Capcom)

To acquire these characters, fans will have to purchase either the Season 5 character pass or premium pass for $24.99 or $39.99 respectively. As of publishing, both passes are 25% off on the PlayStation Store, but the sale will end on August 19. 

Both tiers contain all season five characters, which includes Dan, Rose, Oro, Akira and Luke. It will also include five different costumes and six titles. Titles are kind of like banners you can attach to your fighter. The premium pass includes 26 costumes, two new stages, additional colors, eight titles, five fighter profile themes and 100,000 in fight money. 

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