20 new Apple Arcade games just dropped — here are the first ones you should try

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Apple just gave users a big reason to subscribe to Apple Arcade if they don’t already. In what seems like a concerted effort to boost the mobile gaming platform, 20 new titles have been added to Arcade as of May 4. And we’ve already played some of them.

All the new games are free to Apple Arcade subscribers ($5/month or $50/year) and join a library of more than 200 games that can be played on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. The titles range from brand-new offerings made specifically for Arcade, to existing titles that have yet to be available on the platform. 

Like current Apple Arcade offerings, the new games will be ad-free and have no in-app purchases. Plus, one membership supports up to 6 users in a family who can each have their own gaming experiences through Arcade.

But with so many fresh options available now, it can be tough to know where to start. Luckily, I’ve gone hands-on with some of the new titles. 


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New Apple Arcade games to try now

TMNT Splintered Fate

TMNT Splintered Fate

(Image credit: TMNT Splintered Fate | Super Evil Megacorp | Paramount)

I started a demo of the new Apple Arcade games with TMNT Splintered Fate from Super Evil Megacorp and Paramount. This co-op action game took me, as my Ninja Turtle of choice (Raphael obviously), through a story-based mission with fellow players. We unlocked skills, explored easter eggs and took down epic bosses in an effort to rescue Splinter. 

It made for an exciting social gaming experience, both when I played on an iPad and on Apple TV. But my favorite thing about TMNT Splintered Fate is that it’s not just for fans of the franchise. In fact, I think it’s a great introduction to the team of pizza-loving, sewer-loving Ninja Turtles. 

Disney SpellStruck

Disney SpellStruck

(Image credit: Disney SpellStruck | Artist Arcade | Disney)

Next, I sat down to play Disney SpellStruck, a Disney-themed version of Words with Friends from Artist Arcade and Disney. While you can play this crossword-style game against friends, I enjoyed the solo play in adventure mode. A new villain was created for the game, and my mission was to fix corrupted Disney landmarks by beating the menace on the grid.

As I made my way through levels, I started earning iconic Disney and Pixar characters. Each character even has its own special skill for gameplay. This title is definitely geared towards younger Disney fans, but it’s still an enchanting take on a familiar classic.


What the Car?

(Image credit: What the Car? | Triband)

I moved onto What the Car?, a comedy game from Triband, the creators What the Golf? What the Car? is what happens when you imagine how a car can move with literally anything else than its wheels. In this absurd adventure, my car grew legs, got carried by bears, bounced on springs and flew around with a jetpack.

The best way to describe following the car’s journey? Pure joy. I chuckled my way through the demo, left many times in disbelief at how the developers came up with such ridiculous levels. What’s more, the game challenges you to dream up your own level and share it (and the laughs that ensue) with friends.

Cityscapes: Sim Builder

Cityscapes: Sim Builder

(Image credit: City: Sim Builder | Magic Fuel Games | Playstacks)

Finally, I settled in to play Cityscapes: Sim Builder from Magic Fuel Games and Playstacks. This is the first city sim available on Apple Arcade, and it has all the makes of a game that'll suck you into a virtual world for hours. I took on the role of mayor, addressing my citizen's needs by building new roads, shopping centers, apartments and other facilities. 

The game also has a modern sensibility with a focus on sustainability. I had to build windmills and parks to balance the pollution generated in the city. Between solving problems and completing tasks, Cityscapes: Sim Builder offers non-stop play. 

Every new Apple Arcade game available now

In addition to TMNT Splintered Fate, Disney SpellStruck, What the Car?, Cityscapes: Sim Builder, there are several new games now available to play on Apple Arcade. Here's the entire collection: 

  • TMNT Splintered Fate (Paramount) 
  • Disney SpellStruck (Artist Arcade)
  • WHAT THE CAR? (Triband)
  • Cityscapes: Sim Builder (Magic Fuel Games)
  • Chess Universe+ (Tilting Point) 
  • Disney Coloring World+ (StoryToys) 
  • Disney Getaway Blast+ (Gameloft) 
  • Farming Simulator 20+ (GIANTS Software) 
  • Getting Over It+ (Bennett Foddy) 
  • Hill Climb Racing+ (Fingersoft) 
  • Iron Marines+ (Ironhide Game Studio) 
  • Kingdom Two Crowns+ (Raw Fury) 
  • LIMBO+ (Playdead)
  • My Town Home - Family Games+ (My Town Games LTD) 
  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch+ (Young Horses) 
  • Snake.io+ (Kooapps) 
  • Temple Run+ (Imangi Studios) 
  • TIME LOCKER+ (Sotaro Otsuka) 
  • Very Little Nightmares+ (Bandai Namco Entertainment) 

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