5 best shows like 'La Brea' to watch now that it's ended

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It's hard to believe that "La Brea" has come to an end. The show about a massive sinkhole opening up in Los Angeles and leading to a portal that takes people into the dinosaur era (because what else would a sinkhole lead to?) has just concluded its final season.

Where to stream "La Brea"

"La Brea" seasons 1-3 are streaming on Peacock

If your mind is still spinning from that time-travel-inspired ending and wondering if a spin-off show could emerge based on the series, you aren't alone. Many fans of the series are rooting for it, and it's not out of the realm of possibility, according to creator David Appelbaum.

In the meantime, after you've had a chance to catch your breath, there are plenty of shows like "La Brea" that you can get lost in now that it's over. Whether you were pulled in by the show's extensive plotline, the time travel, or the overall vibe, we've identified some of the best options out there.


In case you have forgotten, "Lost" was the show to watch in the early 2000s. It focused on a group of people surviving a plane crash and only to realize they were on a deserted tropical island. They band together to survive, only to discover unexplainable mysteries and deeper secrets amongst themselves. It has an expansive cast of characters, each with their own secret. Every one of them is connected in some way, and their past, present, and future help unlock more secrets and the strange reason they are on the island.

This show will captivate you, especially if you love complex stories like "La Brea." This show received numerous awards, including 10 Primetime Emmys. It's often considered one of the best series of its time. If you never had the chance to watch this series, you don't want to miss it.

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If the idea of running away from life-threatening creatures is what pulled you into "La Brea," you'll love the series "Zoo." Based on the novels by James Patterson, this show focuses on violent animal attacks against people all over the world. Scientists are trying to figure out why, as it is not normal behavior that they are witnessing. Meanwhile, the rest of humanity runs for their lives as the attacks from the animals become even more planned and coordinated.

It isn't long in the series before the creators moved away from the novel and into other directions, likely in part to keep the fuel of the show going. The series only lasted for three seasons, but it gives you just enough to allow you to truly enjoy the outlandish but entertaining qualities of the premise.

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'12 Monkeys'

This sci-fi series is a spin-off of the 1995 movie of the same name. Set in the year 2043, a scavenger named James Cole (Aaron Stanford) is recruited to go back to 2017 and stop a deadly virus released by an organization called "Army of the 12 Monkeys." This disease resulted in billions of deaths, and if it isn't stopped, could result in the end of humanity for good. Cole enlists the help of virologist Dr. Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull) to help him out.

However, the show goes far beyond simple science fiction as it explores notions of loss and love, as well as sprinkles in some humor along the way. This will be a series you'll be glad you completed and will likely stay with you long after it's over.

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'Under the Dome'

You're just going along in your normal life and, all of a sudden, a dome decides to cover your entire town, blocking all means of escape. That's the premise behind the show "Under the Dome." Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, this invisible, dome-like force field is trapping the people of Chester's Mill, Maine inside. While they try to figure out what led to this strange event, chaos slowly erupts amongst the townspeople and any of the visitors who happened to be traveling through at the time.

The series didn't have the same positive reception once it got past season 1. In fact, even Stephen King complained about it while the show was on the air. However, this show carries with it the same vibe as "La Brea" in terms of trying to handle the unexplainable, which is sure to appeal to those of you who are fans of that type of series.

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It's enough to face losing a loved one because of a plane crash, but it's harder to imagine them coming back from the flight five years later. Even stranger, they haven't aged a day since you last saw them. "Manifest" explores this idea when the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 return after five years. Their families, friends, and loved ones have all grieved and moved on by the time they make their reappearance. Beyond the initial shock of realizing what happened, they come to wonder: where have they been, and why did that happen?

This is definitely a more dramatic thriller sci-fi show, as opposed to the action-based kind you saw with "La Brea." However, it pulls towards the same emotional premise explored in La Brea about loss and people responding from a place of grief, which can be very complicated.

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