iTunes for Windows is officially splitting off into 3 separate apps

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It may surprise you to learn that iTunes for Windows does still exist, though it probably won’t be sticking around for much longer. Apple has officially launched apps for Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Devices on Windows, meaning iTunes is more or less obsolete.

This move was actually first announced way back in October 2022, with the goal of offering a significantly better experience for Windows users. Or, more specifically, one that mimics how Mac users access Apple’s software and services on their machines. 

Preview versions of all three apps were released to the Windows Store in January 2023, and have spent the last year receiving various updates from Apple. As of right now the Preview label has been dropped, meaning Windows users with iPhones no longer have to rely on iTunes on the rare occasion that it’s actually needed. 

Let’s be honest, that’s definitely a good thing. iTunes was never exactly the pinnacle of Apple’s software department, especially on Windows. 

Plus it’s been more or less redundant for the past few years, with advancing technology lessening the iPhone and iPad's reliance on a desktop companion. That's why Apple killed the Mac version of iTunes back in 2019.

iTunes is still available on the Microsoft Store, and should stick around in case you want to listen to podcasts or audiobooks on your PC. But the three alternatives have taken over the rest of its duties, should you need use of them. So long as you have a machine running Windows 10 or higher

Apple Music gives you the option to purchase and manage music in your iTunes library, while also offering access to Apple’s music streaming service on your desktop. Apple TV does much the same thing for movies and TV shows, with the added benefit of native Apple TV Plus support.

Apple Devices will let you update, sync, backup and restore iPhones and iPads from your PC. On the off chance that your devices are unable to do any of these things on their own — like if they got stuck in some kind of boot loop after a software update

Thankfully all three apps appear to offer a more modern and streamlined design than iTunes, which doesn’t seem to have changed much in the past 20 years. Here’s just hoping these apps don’t end up being quite as neglected by Apple. Otherwise we’ll just end up with the exact same problems repeating themselves a few years down the road.

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