Wii U Update Adds Console Transfer and NFC

Between "Hyrule Warriors," "Super Smash Bros." and "Bayonetta 2," some compelling games will finally be hitting the Wii U within the next few months. A new firmware update will help if you're investing in a replacement system, a new controller or (in Japan) alternate forms of payment.

Nintendo revealed details about the 5.1.0 U update on the official Wii U website. Simply having a Wii U connected to the Internet should keep the system up to date, but in case you have to download the software manually, simply go to the System Settings menu and select System Update.

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The system transfer is the most robust of the update's new features. This allows users to move all software, save files and settings from one Wii U console to another. If you initially invested in an 8 GB system and now need a 32 GB device for new games, this feature could be a boon.

Assuming you have an SD Card handy (32 GB or 8 GB, as necessity dictates), select System Transfer under System Settings, and follow the instructions. The original Wii U will be formatted at the end of the process.

Wii U owners can also now use a Wii Remote, a Wii U Pro Controller or a Classic Controller to navigate the Nintendo eShop. Previously, gamers could only use a dedicated Wii U controller to download new games, channels or add-ons. This is perhaps not the most exciting feature ever to grace a console, but still useful for those who prefer simpler peripherals.

Strangely, the most interesting feature of the software update will not come to North America or Europe. In Japan, users will gain the ability to pay for eShop purchases via Suica, a prepaid card that uses near field communications (NFC). By tapping a Suica card against a Wii U controller, they can pay for purchases without tedious credit card information input. Suica is not available in the west, and Nintendo does not appear to have any plans to implement other NFC functionality at present.

This software update may not reshape the way you use your Wii U, but should still be helpful in gearing up for the system's fall release schedule.

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