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Protecting Your Privacy Online, Anonymously


So far the services we’ve looked at have all required a local client download. However, there are also online anonymous proxy services, such as the package MegaProxy offers. MegaProxy has two offerings : One is a free service that provides a basic degree of anonymity and security and the second is a paid service with additional security features (and a cost of $9.99 for three months).

For the purposes of this review we evaluated the free option, since MegaProxy (unlike Anonymizer) does not offer a free trial of its SSL enabled service. That said, the free MegaProxy is no slouch either and works reasonably well.

MegaProxy configuration preferencesMegaProxy configuration preferences MegaProxy : Configuration preferences with the locked areas as the premium paid features.

What MegaProxy provides is a new toolbar that shows up in your main browser window through which you can surf anonymously. In addition to providing a new IP address, MegaProxy also offers users the option of hiding what browser and operating system you may use (which can be tracked, too). It also hides the HTTP referred information that can be used to identify which site you last visited. With the free service, Megaproxy will also encrypt and transform up to 20 web cookies into session-only cookies, which also provides an addition degree of privacy.

The free MegaProxy service also performed well in our ProxyJudge test, which was not able to identify that a proxy was in fact being used.

While the free MegaProxy service does give you the ability to surf anonymously, there are some restrictions. Among them is that flash files will not filter through the free proxy. Forms and remote logins are restricted. MegaProxy has also put a limit of only being able to view 60 Webpages in a five-hour timeframe.

MegaProxy MegaProxy With MegaProxy’s free service, flash files are restricted.

For the $9.99 for three months ($40 a year), MegaProxy’s paid service does not have the same usage restrictions. On the privacy side, it provides SSL encryption as well as a neat anti-caching feature, which prevents the browser from storing temporary files.

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