The Best (and Weirdest) Tech-related Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl might be one of the biggest sporting events of the year, but it's also prime time for advertisers. Every year, companies fork out millions of dollars to secure air time during the big game and they don't use it for just any old commercials. Instead, we see outrageous, funny, or weird offerings from companies hoping to catch the attention of over a hundred million people (according to Super Bowl 2012 stats).

Here are our top five favourite tech-related commercials (in no particular order) from last night's game. What was your favourite? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!






And the award for weirdest Super Bowl 2013 commercial goes to Go Daddy, which hired Bar Rafaeli and Jesse Heiman to make out on camera while the Go Daddy jingle played in the back ground.

Perfect Match

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  • socalboomer
    hydac7Where do i sign up for the next GoDaddy commercial

    JOSHSKORNI so want to be on the next GoDaddy commercial

    You guys want to make out with a blotchy and pale skinned, weird haired nerd? Ooookay then! ;)
  • Other Comments
    I so want to be on the next GoDaddy commercial
  • hydac7
    Where do i sign up for the next GoDaddy commercial :D
  • dalethepcman
    What they don't mention is how much Walter paid to be in that commercial, but that was certainly weird.

    I thought the fbomb at the end of the game was a little strange too, since all "live" tv is on 30 second delay. I guess the FCC personnel were either celebrating or crying and missed it.