MechWarrior Online Limited Edition Mech for Sale, Proceeds Going to Cancer Research

Veteran MechWarrior Online players, though you probably have already plenty of mechs in your arsenal and aren't currently looking for another, here's a mech that's worth buying. Not only will it benefit you, but it'll be doing some real world good as well. 

In honor of Sarah Marie Alida Parries, a five-year-old mechwarrior who passed away from brain cancer, Piranha Games has put up a mech called 'Sarah's Jenner' for sale for $10. Every cent will go to the Canadian Cancer Society. 

Currently, Piranha Games has raised over $49,000. The fundraising for the charity will end on August 20th and Sarah's Jenner will be delivered to donators on August 23rd. 

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  • beruli
    $10 well spent. RIP comrade.
  • IndignantSkeptic
    This story made me sad. I don't care how unpopular this post is, but to all the religiots on this forum: WTF kind of God does this to a child? A nice God that wants to reward the child by taking them to heaven early? If that's what you believe then why would you try to cure cancer? This is why you are profoundly evil and must be stopped. Don't give me that bullshit line that God works in mysterious ways and we can't possibly understand him and so shouldn't bother, and don't try to tell me that what I'm saying is not relevant to this story; It's totally relevant. It's about science's persuit to fix the world, and religion's meddling that is delaying us from the time when we don't have to hear stories like this anymore because they won't happen anymore.
  • catswold
    How pathetic must you be, Indignant. Only an atheist could be so selfish and filled with hatred for others to twist this heartwarming tale into a rant against religion. Funny how you never see any posts in which those of us who believe in and have faith in God going out of our way to attack those who don't believe.

    I guess haters are going to hate, no matter what.