Instagram iOS Users Ticked Over Android Invasion

Tuesday we reported that Instagram launched an Android version of its popular social photo-sharing app. We took a little spin and found it to be somewhat addictive, allowing us to take shots and quickly modify the results with numerous filters. The service is interesting in that it provides an artistic means of sharing the world through a camera lens. Like any other social network, you can follow other users and make comments on their posted images.

Not less than one day later, iOS users are reportedly unhappy with the Android invasion. They've taken to Twitter to complain using the #teamiphone hashtag, claiming the service is now ruined. "Ewwwwww Android users are getting Instagram too, gross," writes one user. "Blame android users for instagram for messin up! Y'all phones aren't smart enough for this app! Ppl can't ever have nothing smh," writes another.

The ongoing theme suggests that second-class Android users have no artistic sense, and thus are now allowed to follow the more ritzy first-class iPhone users. They're also not thrilled over the fact that Android members are now testing the app and uploading images left and right -- it's a huge flood of n00bz. As seen in Tuesday's article, some of us are guilty for the flood, testing out the new filters and trying to fit into what was once an elite iPhone social club.

Not everyone is harsh with the freshmen class. Many people are welcoming the new followers, and one user even suggests to download the Android app just to tick off iPhone members. "OK Android users, the only reason to download #Instagram is to bug iphone users. Don't even use it...Just download it."

"All the iPhone users feel like that chick who arrives at her matric dance only to find someone else is wearing the same dress," another Twitter user muses. There are also comparisons to the end of segregation.

Ultimately iPhone users will just have to suck it up, as Android members are here to stay. In fact, the company saw more than one million downloads in less than 24 hours since it went live on Google Play. Even more, the app became available and saw heavy downloads long before it even appeared in the Google Play search engine. 430,000 people pre-registered with the service prior to the Tuesday launch.

Instagram is reportedly receiving more than 2,000 sign-ups per minute, but that could be a combination of both Android and iOS. Before the Android launch, Instagram had amassed over 30 million iOS users -- who upload more than five million photos each day -- since its launch in 2010. Both versions are nearly identical, offering the same suite of filters.

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  • Anyone else facepalm at the twitter comments?
  • Wow these apple fags that are QQing need a good clubbing.
  • Apple users like = stuck up douchebags!
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  • >iPhone

  • Anyone else facepalm at the twitter comments?
  • Wow these apple fags that are QQing need a good clubbing.