Google Makes New 'Compose' Feature the Default

Back in October, Google announced an update to Gmail that changed the way users composed emails. Though users could activate a preview of the change, it was pretty easy to undo if you didn't like it. Unfortunately, it's not so easy anymore. Google on Thursday announced that the new Compose would soon be the default setting for all users.

Strangely enough, Google admitted that many people didn't seem too interested in the new feature when it first launched.

"You are busy people, so it's no surprise that an overwhelming number of you opted to try out Gmail's faster, simpler compose experience after it launched last October," the company said, adding that it has been working hard to implement features and changes suggested by users.

"As a result of your input, we're now ready to introduce the new compose experience as the default for everyone. We're looking forward to hearing what you think!"

The newly unveiled format allows users to compose messages directly from their inbox and keep an eye on incoming messages at the same time. This allows you to reference other emails without exiting the draft email you're working on. When a user clicks the "Compose" button, the service's message template will appear in a window on the lower right-hand side of the screen, similar to how Gtalk messages appear within Gmail but on a larger scale.

If you don't see the new version of Compose yet, you will soon. Google says it will be rolled out to new users in the coming days. Keep an eye out and let us know what you think!

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  • dalethepcman
    While I like some of the features of gmail, the UI just feels cluttered disorganized and unfriendly. I have become accustomed to outlook, and is just so much more familiar and easier to use that if it weren't for android I would no longer use gmail at all.
  • afrobacon
    As much as I prefer gmail over all other email; I'm very indifferent about their compose feature. It is very convenient for short quick messages; but anything past what I would send in a text it severely lacks. I know you can easily get to go old compose; but now it just seems too inconvenient.
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    Actually it can STILL be rolled back, thankfully, I HATE the new Compose with a passion.