Give The Gift of Cloud Storage with 4Sync Cloud Cards

Once we get past the launch of Windows 8 and mugging kids for their stash of candy on Halloween night, it will be time to face the turkey, the smelly crowds on Black Friday, and the daunting task of what to buy whom for the holidays. Previously we pointed out a pair of festive flash drives, then Minecraft cards with codes to unlock and download the popular PC game. Now we have gift cards for cloud storage.

Unfortunately, they won't arrive in time for Christmas... at least, not in physical form. Instead, 4Sync's Cloud Cards will be offered at stores in the first quarter of 2013, perfect for that special someone you forgot back in November-December (there's always someone). These cards will provide one year of online storage, and offered in amounts of 100 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB.

4Sync first introduced Cloud Cards back in September, handing them out at conferences and more. "Cloud Cards by 4Sync are the perfect gift to that someone you know who doesn’t backup their files and should," said Anna Anisin, CEO of 4Sync.

According to 4Sync, Cloud Cards will never expire and will ship for free when purchased through the 4Sync website or other online channels. They will also be redeemable on many different devices and platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android.

"If the Cloud Card recipient does not yet have an account with 4Sync, they will receive the automatic 15 GB of FREE storage in addition to the amount of storage space on their Cloud Card," the company said.

4Sync just came out of beta on Tuesday, and currently offers two accounts: Free and Premium, the latter of which provides 100 GB of storage using four subscription models, as seen here. 4Sync actually has the capability of offering 1 TB of storage per user as the Cloud Cards indicate, but a 4Sync rep said that it's currently not offered as of yet given the service just came out of beta – the company wants to make sure it's smooth sailing from here on out.

"Our server technology allows us to offer more since we built our own data centers we can offer a lot more for free," Anisin told Tom's. "As opposed to for example, Dropbox which is hosted on Amazon and makes storage come at a higher prices."

As for the pricing of the cards, 4Sync sent over a chart, but it doesn't look to be set in stone until the end of the month. However yearly rates will be cheaper after the initial year, and monthly prices will range from $10 to $40, depending on your online storage capacity.

The 15 GB free account is ad-supported, and users are required to log into their account at least once per 180 days "to continue giving away free space and conserve energy."


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  • nicosfacepalm
    "Cloud Cards will never expire and will ship for free when purchased through the 4Sync website or other online channels" - sounds interesting. But I have a question: How long will it take to get this 4Sync card? And how to bay for it? Using my bank account or right to the postman when it will be delivered? But anyway, thumbs up for a nice "present for a forgetful friend" idea))
  • happyballz
    I will punch someone in the face if they gift me this.
  • beachbod
    From the 4sync website.
    "PLEASE NOTE: You have to log in your free account at least once per 180 days. Otherwise, your free account and all your files will be automatically deleted! In this case, lost information can not be restored. Please, don't forget to visit your account every 180 days."