iPad Will Ship Without Standard iPhone Apps?

Consumers familiar with the iPhone and iPod Touch interface may not be quite so content with the Apple iPad when it ships in April. Various sites--including The Tech Journal--have analyzed the recent promotional video aired during the 82nd Academy Awards. What they have discovered is that many apps found on the previous devices aren't present on the iPad. Bummer.

The Apple press release distributed last week said that the iPad will come with "12 new innovative apps designed especially for the iPad." These seem to include redesigned apps such as Videos, Maps, Photos, Mail, Safari, App Store, iTunes, YouTube, Contacts, Calendar and Notes. There's also a new iPod app located at the bottom.

Notice anything missing? Apps such as Stocks, Calculator, Clock, Weather and Voice Memos don't appear on the iPad home screen. So what gives? Are they hidden, or are they gone for good? Daring Fireball reports that the apps were permanently removed due to design problems.

"There were, internally to Apple (of course), versions of these apps (or at least some of them) with upscaled iPad-sized graphics, but otherwise the same UI and layout as the iPhone versions," the site reads, citing well-informed little birdies. "Ends up that just blowing up iPhone apps to fill the iPad screen looks and feels weird, even if you use higher-resolution graphics so that nothing looks pixelated. So they were scrapped by you-know-who. Perhaps they’ll appear on the iPad in some re-imagined form this summer with OS 4.0, but when the iPad ships next month, there won’t be versions of these apps."

Bummer. The Calculator app was a handy tool.

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  • cammmy
    Sadly, people will still buy it.
  • husker
    A clock and calculator present "design problems"? Weird.
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  • gwolfman
    Now even less of a reason to get the iPad. lol
  • cammmy
    Sadly, people will still buy it.
  • dlux
    So this thing is supposed to be a bridge between cell phones and laptops and it doesn't even have a calculator? I'm really failing to see what good this product is.