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AOL Picks Up Google Reader's Slack with New Reader

By - Source: via Engadget | B 10 comments

As Google Reader's time runs out, companies are rushing to release their own alternatives.

Back in mid-March, Google revealed that it would be shutting down its Google Reader RSS feed manager. The service was to survive only until July 1 before it meeting its demise. Naturally, the decision came as a shock to the thousands of loyal Google Reader users that had been using the service for almost eight years (it first launched in October of 2005). Still, there are plenty of alternatives for the legions of homeless Google Reader users once July 1 rolls around, including an option from AOL.

Yep, AOL is throwing its hat in the RSS ring and opening its doors to jilted Reader users. Engadget reports that the media conglomerate will soon launch its own service called AOL Reader. The service is accepting requests for invitations right now and they'll apparently be sent out this coming Monday, which is June 24. In case you're keeping count, that's one week before Google Reader goes for good. If you haven't hit up Feedly or any of the other numerous alternatives then you have another option to consider. You'd want to get a move on, though. You only have a week.

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    dark_wizzie , June 23, 2013 8:55 AM
    AOL is still alive.
    We need to remedy this.
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    GautamSampathkumar , June 23, 2013 1:17 PM
    Checkout SwarmIQ. Similar functionality.
    Features: The ability to skim large #s of headlines, organize lots
    of feeds, label them, tag articles for later reading, fast unobtrusive
    "no magazine layout".

    Sign up at , click on the Google reader icon to get all your feeds, and get up and running straight away.

    Disclosure: I'm on the team that built this site :-) Also, we don't have "Google Alerts" type functionality yet.
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    pyro226 , June 23, 2013 1:20 PM
    Anyone know of a good RSS reader with browser addon integration? I used a google reader extension that checked google reader each browser launch and displayed a blue button with the number of unread feeds on it. I need it to check RSS feeds at each launch of the browser. I haven't found anything yet.
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    JOSHSKORN , June 23, 2013 3:07 PM
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    lunix , June 23, 2013 4:02 PM
    Yeah, AOL is still around, they just don't send gazillions of internet access CDs around any more. Now they own a bunch of sites and operate an ad network. Apparently they STILL make money from dial-up (yes, really), but that's not what they're about these days. I guess the reader fits in... watch for ad display on sites that are in their network. It could also be a great research tool for content trends...
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    danwat1234 , June 23, 2013 5:12 PM
    I have an AOL mail account, it's not that bad. I always use the web interface and once a month or so I load up the behemoth that is AOL 9.1 and archive my emails offline.
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    Maria Phileas Fogg , June 24, 2013 5:56 AM
    Another alternative worth noting is Its based on AI and biology. Has the looks of clipboard and the brains to deliver the content that matters to you.
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    Maria Phileas Fogg , June 24, 2013 5:57 AM
    i meant flipboard
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    usherfeat1 , June 24, 2013 10:46 AM
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