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With countless mobile apps available from every store (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry), Tom's Guide brings you the latest news and must-have apps.

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Here are the best iOS apps you probably haven't heard of. Also, check out these apps that are only available on iPhone and more than 100 iOS games that we absolutely love. If you have an Android phone, here are the best Android apps overall, the best Android games and the most under-appreciated Android apps. And for the Microsoft faithful, here are the best Windows phone apps.

Here are the best [url=,review-2410.html]iOS apps you probably haven't heard of[/url]. Also, check out these [url=]apps that are only available on iPhone[/url] and more than [url=,review-2717.html]100 iOS games that we absolutely love[/url]. If you have an Android phone, here are the [url=,review-2853.html]best Android apps overall[/url], the [url=]best Android games[/url] and the [url=]most under-appreciated Android apps[/url]. And for the Microsoft faithful, here are the [url=]best Windows phone apps[/url].


Take control of your TV or PC with these remote control apps!


So you fancy yourself an Android power user? Check out these 30 apps crafted specifically for rooted Android smartphones.

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  • NASA App - free

    NASA App is a free educational reference app for Android that features content and information from NASA.

    available for : android
  • Facely HD for Facebook Free + Social Apps Browser - free

    Facely HD for Facebook Free is a Facebook client for the iPhone and the iPad that enables users to access their Facebook accounts with ease as well as customize its look to suit the user’s mood.

    available for : iphone os
  • NASA App - free

    NASA App for iPhone is free downloadable software for the Apple iPhone device designed to allow you quick and easy access to multiple information about NASA.

    available for : iphone os
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news - JULY 2 0

Anki Overdrive brings modular tracks and new game modes to the innovative smartphone-controlled toy car platform.

Tutorial - DECEMBER 27

Dropbox allows you to synchronize the Music and Gallery apps on your LG G3 smartphone. You may want to do so in order to keep an online backup of...

news - JUNE 29 0

Here's our step-by-step guide on how to use Facebook's new uploader to add Snapchat style stickers and text to your pics.

picture story - JUNE 26 10

From nimble, cloud-based streaming players to feature-packed apps for audiophiles, here's the best Android music player apps for your listening pleasure.

news - JUNE 25 0

Amazon's Treasure Truck sells one item a day at a discounted price, and launches in Seattle this weekend.

picture story - JUNE 25 5

Keep your costs in check and stay in the black with our top 10 budgeting and personal finance apps.

picture story - JUNE 25 11

Get up to date weather forecasts with these great weather apps.

news - JUNE 25 0

KwiltKeys, a keyboard app for iOS, hooks into social networks and photo-storage services to more easily share photos from your phone.

reviews - JUNE 24 1

Android is a tinkerer's dream. It's open enough that you can optimize your smartphone or tablet's performance thanks to cache cleaners, CPU overclocking and more.

picture story - JUNE 24 6

There are thousands of child-friendly apps available for iOS and Android, but finding software that's appropriate for toddlers can be a challenge. Here are 10 apps simple enough for 18-month-olds to use, but...

news - JUNE 23 0

The social network known for food photos revamped its explore and search features, making it easier to find the photos you want to see.

picture story - JUNE 23 4

Keep your kids entertained and your device safe with these 10 Android apps for children.

picture story - JUNE 23 14

As smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly prevalent, more people are experiencing the Internet through mobile browsers. We'll look at some of the best ones out there.

reviews - JUNE 19 0

BitTorrent's new Shoot photo sharing app is super easy to use and works well, based on our hands-on time with it.

picture story - JUNE 16 13

Whether you're looking for multiple layouts, smarter prediction or just more customization, these are the best Android keyboard apps to download.

news - JUNE 15 0

Sharing photos with your friends just got much easier with Facebook's new Moments app for iOS and Android.

reviews - JUNE 15 1

If you want to go beyond the built-in Google Movies and TV app, here are the top Android TV apps to get you started.

news - JUNE 15 2

If you've ever wanted to carry a real wrist-mounted Pip-Boy interface with you, Fallout 4 will grant your wish – for a price.

news - JUNE 12 1

Google has revealed YouTube Gaming, a video game-centric YouTube offshoot designed to take on Twitch.

picture story - JUNE 12 2

Whether you're testing the latest tweaks or just want to find out how fast your device is, you can benchmark your smartphone or tablet with these apps.

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