YouTube App Is Seriously Draining iPhone Batteries

If you're running the latest version of Apple's iOS operating system, you might be experiencing a battery problem. Credit: Jakraphong Photography/ShutterstockCredit: Jakraphong Photography/Shutterstock

A variety of users on Reddit and MacRumors forums have reported that the YouTube app they have running on their iPhones is causing serious battery drain. As first reported by BGR, the battery drain is so bad that in some cases it's depleting 20 percent of a battery's charge in just 30 minutes.

According to the reports, the problem appears to have something to do with YouTube running on iOS 11.1. So if you're running a version of Apple's operating system that was released before that, you may be safe. However, if you have downloaded Apple's recent updates, including iOS 11.1.1, you could see that battery meter depleting fast.

It's unclear what exactly is wrong with the YouTube app and the company is so far not saying. In a series of tweets to YouTube's Twitter page, users complained about the problem. In response, YouTube said that it's aware of the issue and was "actively working on" a fix.

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On Monday (Nov. 13), YouTube released an update to its iPhone app called version 12.44. The company only says that the new version adds "support for iPhone X, including pinch to zoom in fullscreen." However, it also appears that it's addressed the battery drain problem in the update without saying so.

Users on MacRumors forums, for instance, have reported that the difference is "night and day" and the YouTube app is no longer draining their batteries. The users, who also said that the YouTube app was causing their smartphones to run hot, said that their iPhone working temperature is back to normal.

So, if you're having some iPhone battery problems, check your YouTube app to see if it needs an update. If so, you might find your battery woes addressed.

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