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Xiaomi Has an Ugly Solution for Killing the Notch

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has apparently solved the notch problem. But it's done it with an ugly bump at the top of the screen.

Credit: Let's Go Digital

(Image credit: Let's Go Digital)

The folks over at Let's Go Digital have published a smartphone concept design created by Xiaomi. There's no telling whether the design will ever make its way to store shelves, but it clearly shows a unique concept for trying to eliminate the notch and building a true all-screen design.

Chief among the feature is a bump at the top of the handset that houses dual front-facing cameras. The bump, which sits above where the selfie cameras would normally go, also features the earpiece you'd need to talk on the phone. The bump has nothing on the rear, but there is another dual camera array below it.

Companies have been trying for years now to develop a true all-screen smartphone without a notch or hole to house the front-facing camera. They haven't been able to do that. Xiaomi is trying its best at delivering that by moving the front-facing camera and earpiece above the screen.

But whether that additional screen real estate is more important than having a device that doesn't have a massive bump on the top is debatable. Sure, there's more screen to go around, but do you really want to worry about the bump poking you in the ear when you want to call a friend?

And depending on the size of the device, would the bump stick out of a pocket or be more prone to damage? The number of questions the design prompts is endless.

But alas, Let's Go Digital was quick to note that the concept design is simply a patent and not necessarily something that will be released. But as companies continue to look for new solutions to the notch problem, with features like a pop-up camera and more, it might not be long before we see an unsightly bump find its way to a handset.